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  1. They are not going to do anything until the playerbase level hit the ground and only bots are playing. At this rate this will happen next month.
  2. Honestly - I like this server!

    "P2W is here to stay. You are using a free product. Without P2W there will be no product. Ever heard of bills? You now the ones you pay your self? Well newsflash - They also have them." Really? You don't need a full P2W model to make money now a days. The games that make more money are free to play but they sell cosmetics and faster ways to achieve things. Here they sell OP items and things that are unobtainable for a player that doesn't Buy NC coins. At this point this people are leaving because there is no way of making in -game currency without selling P2W items or farming with 9 accounts with macros. "Bots ? Well yeah they are really annoying but you know what? They are honestly not that big of a deal... If a bot ruins the game for you - you are doing something wrong." In which server are you playing? In Giran bots are like 60% of the playerbase. If you like the current state of this server it's ok . But there are a lot of people that don't, so they complain in the forums. There is a lot of people just asking for a playable game, nothing else.
  3. Weapon Supply Box (C-Grade) x1 = 3,931,429 Adena Buy full 1-hour buffs for 416,250 Adena I have some questions I'm level 40. Where should i farm to get more than 416.250a in an hour? Almost 4kk for a random C-grade weapon? Am i playing in a wrong server or i'm doing something wrong? @Juji @Hime Any farming tips or strats?