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  1. Falchion/Iron Hammer Dropping?

    And it's Bronze
  2. Falchion/Iron Hammer Dropping?

    I got 3 of those.
  3. Falchion/Iron Hammer Dropping?

    I think our true rival is this b00nk L2wiki page misleading us all. I want answers!
  4. Falchion/Iron Hammer Dropping?

    Hi, no luck here either. multiple 3-4 hour stents.
  5. Has anyone successfully looted a Falchion or Iron Hammer in E-Ruins since patch?
  6. Classic Leveling Guide?

    Good evening/Buenos Noches/Boa Noite etc. I am a new player to Lineage II Classic. I just hit level 20 and completed my class transfers for: 1. Orc Raider 2. Dark Elf Oracle 3. Dwarf Scavenger I notice there aren't anymore single quests which I have heard was the case. However I want to start a discussion here inquiring about what YOU do after 20. -Do you begin grinding 17-24 zones for whole item drops? -Do you complete adena repeatables over and over? Level 38 is the goal. Let's chat