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  1. so i need to get more dex for take more succes rate ?
  2. hello today reviewing the dagger I notice that the mortal blow has a very low chance is not correct you need to review this since the rogue is practically not working as it should be
  3. good evening I have a doubt about my clan recently my leader was banned by course glicht in the game The question is, how do we get to move the leader to another member of the clan if our leader is not there anymore?
  4. L2 status giran and talking island 6123k and 6224 ? Ncsoft fix the problem ?
  5. good morning I have a problem to make a buy of nccoinsat the time of entering the data of my credit card and accept to continue gives me an error and tells me to try laterYesterday I also made a purchase with that same card for the first time but Hi was told they would send me an email when the purchase was confirmed and I never arrived and I see that my money has not yet been discounted if I would like to know if there is a problem with my account.
  6. It’s possible Aden get problem with the queue for this next days ?
  7. Yes this is about for the problem of many player can’t enter to the server ncsoft you need to make one more server to play in peace
  8. Si pero talking island es casi imposible entrar por eso digo es una opción mejor porque no tienes ese problema de tener que esperar en la cola y después te saquen del server ya que esta al tope
  9. Buenas tardes estimados amigos abro este hilo con la esperanza de poder solucionar el dichoso problema del qu login caótico que viven muchos que nos los deja jugar La solución está en el server de Aden amigos es más estable más equilibrado buena comunidad latina así que los invito a porfin resolver sus problemas con el login y ingresar a este servers estamos a tiempo el juego apenas empieza ! No pierdas la oportunidad y únete a este servidor se los recomiendo por mi experiencia
  10. Buenas amigos ando buscando gente de Venezuela activa un game para formar cores en Aden nickname : thebigmacana
  11. Buenas amigos ando buscando gente de Venezuela activa un game para formar cores en Aden nickname : thebigmacana
  12. Buenas como dice el foro ya que talking island está arrebatado de gente con multiboxing etc etc quería saber si Aden hay comunidad latina o hispanos
  13. Buenas ya que por lo visto es casi imposible entrar TI GMT-5 he pensando en cambiar Aden y me gustaría saber si hay clanes latinos activos
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