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  1. Anyone else notice that quest items stop appearing in the inventory? BUT you still hear the "Quest item chime" that you did? Then you re-Log and they work again for a time. Then you end up having to re-log every 15, 25 min to fix it again?
  2. The game priced its self out of reach even for people will extra cash. Look at the prices in game.. Is there anyone at this point willing/crazy enough to spend a few paychecks on a 16 year old game that 99.98% of the server is AFK Macroing? and the other 0.01% is in hero chat yelling at each other like it was high school? PvP? Don't even bother.. The game is who can 1 shot who first and thats IF you spent 1000's. Its a joke..
  3. I don't even want to log in with these xp numbers.. And i refuse to spend money just because NC made it this way. Hmm.. Run the PC all day and night Macroing as i watch a movie or do nothing? OR... Play another game, And not make 0.002% in L2 and have a GREAT time... Hmmmm....
  4. Im in New Jersey... Doesn't apply to me.. It's not my internet..
  5. I have the same issue, i have a trouble ticket in. Ive been getting disconnected all the time. No lag, just boom clients dropped ( 3 ). Now, atm i cant log in at all.. I checked EVERYTHING they told me.. and still cant log in. Ive had the problem for about 4 to 6 days now.. I think its been since last Wed.
  6. When i get disconnected i cant even log onto the Lineage 2 website.. What's going on over there?!!
  7. Whats the deal... Keep getting all 3 accounts disconnected intermittently.. Then you have a hard time logging in for 5 to 10 min. Whats going?!?!
  8. I want a toon that will, eventually pvp for fun. I have a Rouge atm.. and im still torn to go either Dagger or Archer. Is the Archer easier to pvp on? I don't know what most people turn too. I like both class's just not sure what one will be better in the end.. Thanks for any input you may have on this.
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