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  1. the correct way to keep the maximum sum of statistics in +5, although sure many people believing that it increased statistics +12 wasted, this event allows them to correct it by recovering the adena
  2. When we will have all the information of drops and complete spoil of this classic version in the forum or put on the official page.All we need it for checking rates.
  3. I said the same , I hope we can see all information drop and spoil in forum or in the website, I posted it in previous post... but not reply from @Hime
  4. Thanks you for it. @Hime @Juji[Suggestion] It is possible that we have on the official page all the exact information of drop and spoil because many of us are based on classic information of l2wiki and this server has modifications and we do not know the correct percentages of drop and spoil of all objects.
  5. I want to share my good experience reporting bots with my recorded video of the bots farming: "Yiar Today at 15:24 Hello, Thank you for reporting this incident. We have completed our investigation and have taken the necessary action. We appreciate your help as we are committed to improving your gameplay experience. I understand the worrying matters with the current security system. But rest assured that we are working diligently to make sure that we'll completely remove those players that trying to spoil the fun of the game. Once again, thank you for
  6. This is real , mobs drop/spoil quantity and chance is lower than normal rates , and its the official Lineage II Server... It is worrying that the official game creators' servers have not leveled in a test beta all the new content of this classic version before we all went to play it. Also that server security is not reliable to avoid the use of third-party bot programs, when a lot of people are investing money and time playing here. These services are not meeting the needs of the players, it does not meet the standards in which things should be in NCsoft t
  7. the time say its correctly 24hrs and I not get a answer from support customer about my report yet...
  8. "Unfortunately, the forum is not the place where these reports can be looked into. If you would like to report a player for their inappropriate behavior, please contact Customer Support and they will be able to investigate the issue for you. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support "
  9. @kupuldog you report the bots with the necessary files as videos with they farming? I recorded video and I add it to information. When I get my reply ticket I say you the answer
  10. because to lvl 39 teleport is free when you are 40 and 40+ GK take the pistol and say pay for that yeah good form to regenerate mp with pasive walk and it more fast
  11. for it you spoil sucess work on 1/9 and sometimes 1/10 mobs, not is 1 spoil 1 mon spoil on, and the lvl of mob and you lvl always be the same with tolerance of max 2 lvl+
  12. More Information: https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-lauch-patch-notes And for recipes/weapons/armor/acc/Drops/Spoil can check L2wiki Classic plataform.
  13. Is the crude reality of all MMRPG this days, include L2 in the past and now too see the last products of NCSoft L2 Revolution and Classic. I share your vision as the old hardcorde L2. I do not disagree with payment as long as these are only appearances or attachments that do not grant advantages in the game such as exp sp drop spoil ecc, I also agree with the priority in the connection queues but not in the bonuses that enhance the farm vip, but the only way that the vip bonus is not lost is that all members of the party have the same value vip, because it levels down and that cancel
  14. No Aclaraste que server es en el que están Uds.
  15. Hay un clan español reclutando a jugadores 20+ El Clan "Threavan" mandale whisp In Game a MutsumyChan y/o Mutsumy For ENG speakers: There is a Spanish clan recruiting players 20+ The Clan "Threavan" sends whisp In Game to MutsumyChan and / or Mutsumy
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