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  1. PP+ SWS: higher crit chance and defensive stats (safer imo) BD: More glass cannon, spend more shots cause more atk speed, crits hurt alot.
  2. I ment all rates x1 but tbh idk and they havent posted it. All they did was posting patch notes saying its classic 1.5.
  3. TBH if you come to forums for input on the server you wont find anything good, the people that actually like the game are playing (12,000+ players between all clasic servers) and the others fill the forum with rage posts about drop/spoil rates being too low
  4. I dont know the rates, nobody does I think is x1. But there are event items, store items, and achievement rewards that give you buffs that increase exp/sp by 30% or so (if you stack em it can increase to like 100%+EXP) but imo they are not worth because you rush your levels while keeping your adena low and in the end it will be harder to exp with your gear.
  5. Nothing is "bugged" just play the game or leave you are scaring potential players that want to play the fvcking game. I agree that drop rates could be a little higher but there is no rush here as in other illegal servers, its as chill as it gets.
  6. sry to tell you this but they are apparently increasing drop and spoil rates right now. You might want to do another "test" lulz
  7. So, Playing a dwarf on rates like this is kinda yikes and this is why: 1st. You need to kill many monsters to get what you want from spoilig 2nd: As a crafter you will never find a party for exp 3rd: As a spoiler when you find a party for exp you will surely be matched with random spoil or by turn, because if the party is going finders then they could easily find other class better than you for the job. So I really thought about something that might not ever be made but, if you give a passive bonus on adena or drops in a party that there is a dwarf they may actu
  8. Is forming a party for a raidboss below lvl 40 is worth it? how many players do you need to kill an easy raid?
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