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  1. Good guy Demised. There needs to be more down to earth posts like this and less of the ones that just insult the team managing the game as best as they possibly could at this current moment. Players often forget that they're people too and just browsing the forums it's a miracle none have developed a nervous twitch. I'm not quite where Demised is lvl wise, I'm a 46 SR duoing with a BD and WC and we've been fortunate with full drops and I'm just about to get my first C grade bow. One thing that's kept us afloat is the fact that we've also been using Ncoin to sustain our need
  2. They don't have to tell you a thing tbh as to why an emergency maint. happens. Just take it as it is. If they want to address it further they will.
  3. they'll just make 100000000000 more threads though...honestly I'm beginning to think the servers are overrun by people that wake up and wear their pants on their head, then log into the game.
  4. its 2:14pm its hardly prime time for the west coast. </rage>
  5. Posting videos and SS of the bots on the forums doesn't do anything btw. you're better off using their out of game report function.
  6. God the tears of this thread would make a wonderful salty soup.
  7. *YASSSSSSSSS intensifies* edit: no really guys think for a moment, why do you think they roll out changes once people are starting to venture out in certain places? Keep reporting things without sounding like uncivil farm animals and you'll be doing more good than you think.
  8. They only know "of" the game. They don't actually know the ins and outs of the game and how it works since all they had were broken versions of the game itself to play on. They made good fodder though for the retail players that stomped on them and showed them their ridic +++++ weapons/wings/armor couldnt stand up to people who knew the game much better than they did. I mean gimme a break people thought i was typing out entire names of players when i called assists in chat and didn't even know it was a macro we commonly used on retail...also they didn't know how to assist to begin with
  9. Oh I wasn't aware that you know every single illegal server player and their lvls. You sir are a wizard.
  10. I think you're making an accusation without any proof of anything tbh. Just sounds like you might be a tad jealous. /shrug
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