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  1. So if u all cry about u cant to come events, i see u still there playing, even u are more than before. So i no see the point of this topic
  2. The Nova Side didnt changed nothing lol. They are stil lsame numbers
  3. Long time ago, most of ppl from the server, when they want to change dual i need to remove 80% of inventory to change it. This is unacceptable. Lets see what ppl wants to do. Discuss it.
  4. Well as last dragons is only script port and bring 49+ boxes deads, and on fafurion last hit, 0 pvp for it Tbh idk they removed lindvior/antharas aswell those rats
  5. So the nukers gets less 1% enchant, and rest gets more than 1%? is not fair? Archers/Tyrrs/daggers get 20% skill power Nukers: 8.1% skill power see the difference?
  6. well is not exaggeration, this is what we saw on the ur random streamer TimmyJohns. atleast we saw 60 ppl 30min before defense. So imagine if Cursed defense might be on siege time, believe it will change big.
  7. 60? there is atleast 80-90 from ur side camping, while the EU clans can get max 1-2 pts, coz rest cant, so if they should change, u think it will affect from ur side? i doubt it. Well since 3-4 months is only you and ur box is getting the cursed in 1-2 sec and then go storm isle the most of cursed time to avoid get killed. So the cursed might be cant be in any peace zone, instance. Coz due that corruption, if GM will come visit at cursed defense or timezone, i believe they wont take it in 1sec for sure
  8. for what to go if in less a 1-2 year will be merge?? or free transfer
  9. u think in Naia is not NA players? 50% of Naia is NA guys there, thats why there is dead cursed too, so here happens same with EU ppl, 50-75% of population from server is EU. So the suggestion is this, make 2x cursed timezone for example: Zariche for EU players Akamanah for NA players and that for both servers coz is joke to same people get the 2x and keep it on zone all timezone and then bring zerg to defend vs 1-2 pts. Naia is same problem too. So lets see if Ncsoft will listen or pass
  10. lool what u mean change? Like this the ppl can xp more more faster
  11. Yo all, As i see many people from both servers likes this xp event. So is possible to extend 1-2 weeks more? Discuss it
  12. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses: Might be a bit decrease the defense from mobs(decrease defense attribute), coz most of ppl is not even 112+. Augment System: Improved good Item Changes: Good Skill Changes: Nice Other Changes:Need to fix Angel touch, few things, from but on update is fine
  13. Well as we did few test Fafurion temple: Mobs are more stronger than last update and increased mdef on mobs, not lowered, XP is good. Just need to reduce mdef/pdef Sea of Spores: xp might be better, kill rate is fine due to lvl. Swamp of Screams: we check later
  14. from Chronos since 5x years nobody want pvp. So who want dragons might pvp for it.
  15. 10 days from cursed blood= the same guys got it 100%... GM?????? Helooo???
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