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  1. Dragon Zone PVP

    from Chronos since 5x years nobody want pvp. So who want dragons might pvp for it.
  2. Cursed Drop Bugged

    10 days from cursed blood= the same guys got it 100%... GM?????? Helooo???
  3. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    im not saying to all server, coz some are from midclans and they are vulnerable from that way. Im speaking to the ppl who are in game 10+ years, who they using 7-8 clans with same crest(that can be considered exploit).
  4. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    So they will loss players and loss tons of $$$ the ppl who spent on this server
  5. Dragon Zone PVP

    Just check SOS time, sieges, there can be 20 pts easily. Just need more action to ppl.
  6. Dragon Zone PVP

    Hi People suggest that there is a PVP zone in dragons because there is no action, just fast click and people lose hours for nothing, better there is action. Right? Discuss it
  7. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    exactly, cowards
  8. Cursed Drop Bugged

    So thats it? i see no qq ( ofc coz they have 100% of bloods and 0 qq) lol
  9. Cursed Drop Bugged

    the curious question is how they get the cursed sword 10seconds later of his drop. Soooo curious dont you? the same guy took it 10x days consecutive. so so lucky? or there is something else more? Discuss it
  10. Hi all. For a long time, many groups, people, clans have been abusing the system of 14 clan members for a long time to avoid having wars and PK people for places and not being able to declare war (to make PVP mode, which is the most normal). Discuss it. Thank You Regards
  11. Cursed Drop Bugged

    Since many many months(since nobody had balls to make this post), the cursed drops was bugged, coz it was dropping in exactly same places, and since the other side was winning, so they decided to not report.Coz when it drops in same place as usual, 20 ppl alrdy there(i understand using myTeleport) but they instant pick up.And i dont think so can be fair for most of the players from server
  12. MAX quit DS?!?

    After 7months or more no remember when this trashes left DS. Now they quit DS?? or will make say excuses? Discuss
  13. Dimensional Castle Siege

    Agree about close Dimensional Siege Wil lbe nice too to open TERRITORY WAR with wards but with different stats every saturday siege time
  14. Chronos Siege 27.05.2018

    and mb they even dont come, bcs cannot pass even bridge
  15. Lineage II - June Preview

    What??? u afraid to loss all ur castle's form dead serveer or what?? u afraid to loss vs Naia server or what?? less cry noob