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  1. Good idea but in this case i prefer go back Skelth
  2. Lots ppl have fun mate. But BOT is the real problem, actually i farm lots 1-40 zone and i saw full BOT group that literally steal all mobs to player, this is frustrating for several reasons: - actually: legit players lost lots time to farm becasue 50% mobs are farmed by BOT - actually: new players and who need level up toon fnd bg problem to complete questes - actually: lots PM by strange char that spam all legit players and normal chat - for future: lots BOT = lots RMT = the market price or gear/weapon go upper without a reason And consider: - no DROP on die
  3. Spent most of your time in market ingame and you will change idea
  4. That advices work only if you are a player that can spent time in market, otherwise dont read any. And remember, L2 is 70/80% MARKET Use market with several option: 1) Fishing (no need starting adena - a fisherman grow up in 2 hours, in your situation better made orc raider then you have NG fist): - every fisherman when arrive at 20 give at least 30k clean and 6 SOP+10AB changing the coin that you acquire at 20 by oncetime lvl 20 daily - made fishing 10day quest and fish buying the first 200 bait (daily give you 500 bait = 16 hour no stop fishing every day)
  5. This game, and i mean play and commerce (70% gameplay if a player know how L2 work), is worked about multibox Then i agree a lot
  6. Nice Nice nice All starting Zone are BOTLAND For who want to grow up some fishermans is really hard to kill quest mobs and simple grinding for lvl up to 20 NCsoft lower the respawn of mob in startign zone, it's ok in a LEGIT SERVER, but the presence of bot devolve the experience of LEGIT PLAYERS that need to level up useful toons Or made respawn fast (but this help bots too) or REALLY CATCH TEH BOTS!
  7. I will really appreciate if the BSS for pet become x1 Only this, ty :-D
  8. Past event was good for ppl drop weapon, bad for ppl dont drop weapon I dont drop and I CRY A RIVER!!!!
  9. @Hime Dwarf starting zone is BOTLAND I try hit them, probably the program was setted bad and 2 see my purple dwarf as a mob and try spoil me... No problem i made +2PVP In the while i report a bot, but with 30 minutes cooldown is hard report all... Do you want made something really? It's simple, 15 minutes/day in Dwarfland and you can ban hundreds bots
  10. As title, today i try on my 2 VIP1 accounts and i cannot take the free box In my VIP3 instead box taken Why?
  11. Siege = tax rate... No atm plz :-)
  12. Fix Auction House and 99% queue/scammer problems solved
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