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  1. Fellows who love the game lineage 2 to many years. The opening of the classic is a dream come true. We know that bots have always been used in the game, but in the new versions the bot does not interfere in the farm, the commerce and the adena. However, in a classic it is impossible to imagine that this is allowed, considering that we intend to play for several without losing the will. In this way, we can not allow players to use the bot in this abusive way, players with 20 elven sumoner or higher, high level, using lots of adena without stopping, everywhere we see bots. My friends, we must understand that this will be bad for the future. This will end the game. Clean players who have never used bots are getting annoyed and are being forced to buy bots in order to play equally, there is no way for a clean player to compete with a bot. Thank you all and good night. And please clean players, help me to draw attention to this problem.
  2. why does ncsoft allow Russian players to use bots freely without being punished? in every city we've gotten we get 20 30 PM's from adena sellers, of course they're using bot, because they send aloof messages to all players within the game. why does nobody take action? being that these Russian players are bad for everybody, it is bad for the players and also bad for ncsoft, because if the players are buying adena they will not buy ncoins. so I think this subject is something of an emergency and of utmost importance. And also, we gamers, we are tired of spam, there are many and many adena vendors doing Spam, and this becomes tiring and frustrating because we know they are using bot. and we know that they are Russian players, they should ban all Russian players and block the Russian IP to enter that server, after all, that server will be much better without any Russian player.
  3. Is this a joke with me? reported buff?

    thanks. this is obvious. someone who does not like me in the game has used the button and reported it, or is it some error with the update. I was angry because I hate bots, and I hate people who use bots, and I was very frustrated to get the reported buff because I needed 10% to ping and NCSoft gave me a gift to slow me down. An antibot system should punish only people who are actually making use of programs and not punish people who have the computer cleaned. After all, this seems very ridiculous, so imagine in a siege, if 10 enemy players use the report button on a healer support or buffer an enemy clan only to damage it at the time of siege or some bos. after all, there are people who use this report button just for fun.
  4. my char was online at 32 hours, part of the time I was online and another the char was fishing, when I rebooted the computer and updated the client, I entered the game and received the reported buff. this is impossible, a fact that disgusts me, because my computer is totally clean, with updated antivirus and free of any suspicious program. this is a disappointing and unacceptable mistake, I hope you will sort this out to punish who deserves it, and not to punish good players for no reason. including players who buy NCoins and contribute to the game. thank you and good night. 5 o'clock in the morning in Brazil and I go to sleep disappointed.