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  1. Thank you kind sir! You have a hot Pa'agrio's Heart blessing on me! @Hime & @Juji & team NCsoft common guys can we do something about this. Seems like a let down from all the money we have to spend to get drop increase just to have a bunch of elf's crapping on our parade. V.
  2. So if you have a party with 8 other elf's.... with a 0 VIP status (how did they get pass the queue those... sneaky hobitses) you get like: 105.55555555555556 % increase in party drop (that is if i remember Math correctly). Sorry, but this seams like a - Will Hunting drowning circles on a school board to prove he is a genius kind of Math for me. If this is true there will be a whole lot cliques of elitists and soon _______ (that's a flat line...just to be on the same page there) for the server. (bip bip bip bip biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip (for those with no imagination...) Can you provide prov
  3. Hello fellow masochists, I have a very simple, yet very complicated to answer, question. Let's imagine the following scenario: I am a happy lil dwarf and have VIP4 and I'm solo farming spoils and drops at increased rate. Than i meet a fine looking Elf lass (not that there are any male ones but lets leave that for another discussion). Poor thing she waited on along queue for about 8 hours coz no VIP status. We are adventuring together (something very odd for an MMORPG like Lineage 2...box or was it 3 now?). My question: How does this affect my drop/spoil rate? Do i have t
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