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  1. 2 hours ago, Mes said:

    I also want to get involved

    in classic you shoud be lvl your own soul crystal for special abilities on weapons not to buy em from shop
    in classic you shoud craft your own shots not to buy em from shop
    in classic you shoud lvl like everyone else but using XP boosts potins scrolls etc
    in classic you shoud have newby helper who is realy newby HELPER
    in classic you shoud use bounty hunter for gathering mats not to buy em in shop
    in classic we shoud have all the quests we had not the crappy ones we have now
    in classic we shoud have Kamaels

    in classic we shoud have Kamaels - next cronicle, in L2 KR kamael will be implemented next month


  2. 20 hours ago, Hime said:

    I wouldn't say the dev team doesn't care. We don't always see eye to eye on issues. Juji, myself, and the others on the L2 team here in the West are pushing to get the changes we need for our services.

    Bots is always a popular topic for discussion and it will be a constant battle against them. XIGNCOD3 actually does catch a fair amount of people using programs they shouldn't be, but there is a constant influx of new accounts. It's a tug of war. I know the team is working on adding additional preventative measures.

    Fair feedback, and agreed--new content won't fix the issues the community has frequently brought up. We need to get our ongoing issues address before we can progress content, but at the same time we have to progress content or there's nothing to do. It's a bad cycle we're in, but we're working on it.

    @HimeActually XIGNCOD3 probaly is doing smth but it doenst do the job WE NEED ACTIVE ADMIN ONLINE, @Jujiand @Himeand the rest of NCSOFT Team your aproach must be proactive and not reactive, if you lack the resources i dont know but the issue is not fancy XIGNCOD3 new version we NEED HUMAN INTERATION.

  3. Not really @Areola there are allways people selling adena/items/etc... for real money, take in example some big illegal server´s, there many people selling stuff for real money but they gring themselfs for those adena/items they earn, ofc they are bots too but nothing compare to official server´s.

    The main diference is that illegal server´s Owner are a small company that cares about his players and have allmost 1/2 admins online to take care of server and give support, NCSOFT is a huge company and the efort/asign people to watch server is just a nickel, dont blame @hime or other staff menber is this comunity dont you think they dont read post or know the problem, this problem scales above their payroll.


  4. There are some law´s in US that can be apllied here to make a law case agains´t this situation.

    Let´s face it it´s NCSOFT part of the agreement to force people to stop using 3rt party software, but in the other hand they dont do much to stop this appening.


    This is stupid im trying to farm books for SE and ivory full of bots targetting only that mob

  5. For me my big problem is not adena rates but trying to farm some books for my se like Death Whisper at ivory tower and i can´t farm it because im a melee and that place is full of mage bots targetting the same mob, but there we go again the bot issue.....for me it´s not like NCSOFt can´t aford to place an admin 24/7 it´s 2 option:

    1 - They dont care.

    2 - They don´t want.

    In some zones you can actually do a MASS AREA BAN and no real player is affected.

  6. 39 minutes ago, AngeMarkel said:

    thats the current supportticket stage im in:

    So if you wanna open a ticket about, better already put those answered questions inside to save some lifetime.


    Hello there!

    To help us understand the cause of this issue better, please send us the following information about your client and network setup:

    • What realm/server are you experiencing this issue on?
    • Do you use DSL, cable, dial-up, satellite, or another connection method?
    • Do you use any routers, hubs, or switches? If so, could you tell us the make and model of that equipment?
    • Does your computer connect wirelessly, or does it use an Ethernet cable for connectivity (quick tip: If you're connecting wirelessly, please try a wired connection)?
    • Who is your Internet service provider?
    • Where are you located? Your city and state/province would be helpful.
    • Are you on a home, campus, business, or military network?
    • Do you use any Internet Security Applications (ISA) or firewalls such as CYBERsitter, ""Net-Nanny,"" ZoneAlarm, McAfee or Norton?

    Additionally, I would like to request a WinMTR report that can be generated through a program called WinMTR. This not only helps us determine the health of your Internet connection while installing, patching or downloading Lineage 2, but it also helps us determine if the issue is coming from your network, a data center in-between or from the Lineage 2 servers themselves.

    Download link: https://download.cnet.com/WinMTR-Portable/3000-2085_4-75373199.html

    You can find additional information on what WinMTR is and why we use it here:

    Once WinMTR is installed, run the program and follow the steps below:

    1.In the upper left corner of the window, you will see a "Host" drop-down text box. In that field, type in the following hostname depending on which game you are playing and what server (NA/EU) you're in:

    BNS NA

    BNS EU (use either)


    2.Click on the "Start" button and allow the tool to run for at least 100 seconds (even if you are unable to install, patch, or play) to gather data.

    NOTE: Please run the WinMTR during the time that you are experiencing this issue. So if you are experiencing lag or being disconnected in game, please run the report during these times if this is your issue.

    3.Once you have gathered at least 100 seconds of data, click on the "Stop" button.
    4.Click on "Export TEXT" and save the file.
    5.Attach the file on your next response and attach the report together with your answers for the questions we have above.

    We look forward to hearing back from you.

    Allready did that, i hope they will give me VIP 4 for doing there job.

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