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  1. In Ukraine, not a lot of people play in L2 (not much compared to Russia). Basically in Ukraine it is 25-30 + years old people who play because of nostalgia. You're wrong
  2. I highlighted this as a reason for which we cannot and do not want to play there. I do not want to talk bad about any country. Just I focusing on the reason. I am a very tolerant person, trust me. Sorry, you got the impression of propaganda. I am not a great writer, but an ordinary person. Wrote your thoughts.
  3. By the way, I learned English in L2. At school, we were poorly taught at that time (2005). Only thanks to L2 I have Pre-Intermediate level. And now I want to play here to improve my knowledge of English!
  4. You will not be able to login or create an account if you reside in one of the following countries: Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus China Cuba Georgia Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova North Korea Russia Sudan Syria Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan From all other countries you can play!
  5. By the way. Ukraine has now developed an automatic spelling editing system for text. Which changes the text for your specific needs and mood. Google is actively using it
  6. I made a mistake when I wrote it, I wanted to say that the European region. And why can not I edit now. Thank you for noticing the error.
  7. Initially yes, Innova did. But now in Ukraine they have banned communication with many Russian organizations. Including with payment systems of Russia. We cannot pay Russian companies (WebMoney, Yandex money, etc.) with which Innova cooperates. These are the sanctions of Ukraine against Russia. We can not buy a premium account, we can not pay just an account (on the Russian l2 classic accounts are paid). The reason for these sanctions is that taxes with these payments go to the war of Russia against Ukraine (Do not think that I politicize !!! I just explain the reason.)
  8. But it so happened now that more than half of the players from Europe. And they have access.
  9. Man, this topic is not about rus people. And about the Ukrainians. Ukraine is not Russia. Ukraine separated from the USSR 28 years ago! We in Ukraine, too, do not like the aggressiveness of the Russians, and therefore we want to stay away from them. And because of this, there are now problems in our country.
  10. This stereotype! Do not compare Ukrainians and Russians. We have a different mentality. But I agree that we have aggressive players. As in any country, regardless of the region! About RMT. People for whom the game is a business use VPN. Their locks do not stop! Only ordinary players who want to enjoy the game suffer from this blockade.
  11. Sorry, I want say Europeans region I do not want a political discussion! Here I called the moral and legislative reason for which we can not play on Russion srevers. But thanks for the your tip)
  12. Dear representatives of NCSoft. I am writing because of the blocking of my country. I ask you to carefully consider this appeal. I live in Ukraine. Almost from the very release of Lineage 2, I am a fan of this game. In the same way as many of my fellow citizens. All the time we played on the official Russian server 4game. But after the military aggression of Russia to Ukraine, we do not want to support companies from Russia. Ukraine imposed sanctions against Russian companies, and we do not have normal access to official Russian servers. Ukraine have blocked access to these servers! And
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