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  1. i was hitting an orc that accused me of being a bot, i was flooding wind strike skill, and he disconnected the cable to lose connection and dont die even when i was hitting him is this against ToS clearly i need to report him in a ticket, but first tell me, this tactic is used to avoid use BLESSED SOE in sieges nad more, of course is something illegal for me i need to know if report this person or not, was stalking me and accusing me of being a bot, and i was recording
  2. because sorceress is a middle between SPS and SH, dont have the same abilities, such as over hit skill, but has enough MEN to cancel spells and enough wit to beat a howler or a sps, if you are enough good, but maybe in low lvls, in high lvls for pvp best are SPS and Howler, most of the time SPS depending on the build, if the sps is FULL MEN and FULL WIT, will beat any howler that has INT WIT extended, cuz will cancel their spells then sorceress can do that +4 wit +5 MEN and sorceror could be awesome, also you dont use solar flare or shadow flare for PVP, is too slow, the true reaso
  3. doesnt matter how many proofs you give, while for me is 2 + 2 = 4 for them is 2 + 2 = 5
  4. Confirmed through screenshots and videos on fraps -Stem [90]: always cheap. Needed for Metal Hardener so more useful than Durable Braid. -Durable Braid [225 in NPC]: **** material. Sell this material in shop if you need money. -Suede [135 in NPC]: **** material. Sell this material in shop if you need money. -Silver nugget [300]: too many in market. If you can´t sell to players, sell in NPC @ 225. -Thread [100]: **** material for long time. Now is valuable due to less players farming in low level areas. -Cord [470]: crafted with thread, so it´s price depends on i
  5. add a buttom shortcut to disable and enable BSPS please, is hard to do click, i want a shortcut
  6. agree, in a way " human community " beneficted the bots, because for making a lot of fake reports just for envy or angry, they made gamemasters change this from 3 to 10 GG HUMANS, YOU ENFORCED THE BOTS -.- anyway, im agree with the decision because they are reporting me each day for play with more than 3 characters
  7. is there anyway to make that ENT drop that book? is too hard
  8. i already got all the spellbooks, and sold many of them at 1kk
  9. only way to get a +10 is with 100 weapons and 1000 d enchant scrolls 250.000.000 adena 300.000.000 adena he will need probabbly 550.000.000 adena to up an item to +10 if talking island has 550 players guild, and everyone does 1kk of money each day, means 550.000.000 adena probabbly he is the guildmaster of a 550 players guild, and everyone has given to him 550.000.000 adena to up an item to +10
  10. maybe because that script is a trojan, and that's the reason of why it didnt work, now check your pc, maybe you have something in mem
  11. if loader detects something illegal, client will close l2 botters dont open lineage 2, they open another software, and log in to the game in another way
  12. spellbooks should be more easy as drop, something is wrong
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