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  1. @Juji answering "the option does not exist" is not an answer....WE KNOW THAT! "The Devs just gave only that option" is not an answer. The answer is who decided that, and why. I mean you don't have to answer things like that normally,as they involve GM team disitions but introducing Red Libra changing dark\bloody krishna weapons but not limited or enchanted or standard is not so clever choice.So yeah you need to tell as who decided that. And it is not just the Devs......the Devs do changes they are asked. And of course I assume they are gettting paid for that. So maybe we should assume you people just ordered the most common change?Most poeple have dark/bloody krishna weapons so you paid only for them? To save money? Ok, lets agree, you can make a standard or enchanted R110 weapon dark/bloody and change it.So that was not necessary.........BUT --> How am I supposed to change my limited weapon then? I cannot downgrade it...!!!!! You need make a fix asap to involve limited weapons at least...and not wait for another Red Libra event in 5 or 10 months........