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  1. because the update disorder has passed the deadline will we have the cat's blessing? For 60 min., Max HP/ MP +5%, Acquired XP/ SP +20%. The effect remains after death.
  2. @Juji@Hime Here is my indignation with the lack of RESPECT OF THE COMPANY with the players, They put as in the statement https://www.lineage2.com/news/15th-anniversary-circlets-of-power The 15th Anniversary Celebration: The Circlets of Power Return The cool thing is that it says 80 NCOIN, but who in the mean time of 8 hours PLACED NCOIN IN THE GAME! To make progress. Just like I did, it was bad because I SPENT MONEY WITHOUT ANY BENEFIT.
  3. @Hime i think this are a good solution
  4. Please. Check this post. if u mean Talking island.
  5. At this point in the server you probably were not the first, so another solution without being limited to 1 window per machine would be to raise the MAXIMUM OF PEOPLE FROM 5885 TO 10,000
  6. Same with me, i dont know why, but ill REFOUND mine pagment.
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