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  1. They don’t care, Hime just posts what she’s allowed to post, and probably doesn’t care at all. support team sucks, and everything it’s in Korea, so just wait guys everything is “working as intended”
  2. @Hime So your team does something different than expected? OMG, thats new, not like NCSoft staff provides a quality job, id say bellow of whats really expected, but, hey we have to play "as intended". Randon Bans, low Rates, Bots everywhere, no Goals, People getting Ahead, other behind, seems like you wanna push your population to buy adena...
  3. @Hime @Juji after 3 months and years with my account, your team can not review my long email to finally get to play? request 23235347. Sad
  4. Well I we got banned for 3rd party usage and we don’t even know why, seems like NCSoft doesn’t care at all, so I’d say, great hype for nostalgia, server full of bots, no reason to make a support class, and lack of pvp/ok due to high penalties!
  5. Really guys? Now you blocked my access to support tickets, to ignore me? NCSoft selling garbage, managed by garbage, and helping bots instead of real players.
  6. @Hime @Juji hello Hime, Juji, moderators and others. its been 10 days since we got abannes for no reason at all. we been raising ticket after ticket with no response. we play 1-2 hours a day, sometimes we don’t long in for days since we have life stuff going on and it’s just a game. but all we got for 3 months of casual gaming it’s going to the trash due to your unfair ban with no response. just give us our accounts back, we won’t make new chars we ain’t bots, we ain’t cheaters, we ain’t doing anything ilegal. 3 chars and 2 pcs it’s allowed. just let us
  7. Welcome to the Club My husband and our buffer got banned too for no reason, 2/3 accounts got banned, Doesnt make any sence. Lets hope that when @Hime @Juji get back, the fix something. Bot responses are BS for the gaming community. If you are a bot, as you get banned you just make a new account and bot again, doesnt matter, but for the real players, we lose money and time... Well, GL and happy new year.
  8. well my husband and I play together all the time, next to each other, its our weekend hobby, after 3.5 months we got 40,40,41 SR,HE, PP, we craft a karmian set, with a full drop we got, next day, PP and SR banned, but not the HE, we request for feedback, "not possible" "rest Assured" so yeah, random bans happen believe it or not. TI-LuxannaPhark TI-GiselaPhark TI-chubenca1 GL all, was a great experience for us.
  9. My husband got his account banned and our buffer too, we barely hit lvl 40 playing together and now this, no wonder NCSOFT it’s losing against the bots banning real player, great job from your team killing the game
  10. We are a couple, archer and cleric lvl 28 looking for a Clan to get parties and help in objectives. Send Msg in here Thanks!
  11. hello i paid real money for the game, and to e able to log into the server that i wanted i had to create a char with a simple name (3 secs to create) and then wait another 2 hours for log in. I did not pick my hair, name, face, just the class i wanted. Please provide a name change ticket and the look change for freeits not fair that to play i had 3 seconds. @Hime Thanks in advance.
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