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  1. Hime is an Inactive Member?

    +1 to this. Server is infested by bots. People use bots and are not even scared to admit it in public/discord etc. But we have no update regarding the issue, nor some major bans. We cannot play the only game that we loved. We cannot find our home, our server, and instead of having the people of NCSoft helping us and be on our side, they prefer to keep making fun of us. Anyways, to sum up and lighten you up all: -How's your professional career been progressing my dear? -Things couldn't have been better. I'm a CM. SORRY SORRY EDITING THIS: ^ SENIOR CM.
  3. So is there anyone else that can't wait to log in and overenchant everything before quitting?
  4. Why why why couldn't we have ONE CLASSIC server that could last for years to come? Implementing updates slowly, not caring about HUGE profits, but rather caring for a standard income to your pathetic company, for the years to come. SUBSCRIPTION BASED, and nothing else. It's too hard not being greedy isn't it? You will sink, and it will hurt more knowing you made the wrong decisions. Greed will just satisfy you short-term. NCSoft - the company that failed. Blizzard - the company that tried TO MAKE IT. People will always smile when they read or hear the word BLIZZARD. Unfortunately we loved L2 when it came out. You destroyed it. I seriously will be watching WOW Classic when it comes out in summer and see how our L2 Classic world could be, if managed by serious people. That's your legacy NCSoft, be proud!!!!!!!!! not
  5. Oh and BTW; if you have spent or planning to spend a single Euro/dollar in their game, please do feel pathetic, because you probably are.
  7. Agree 100% to that. You're rushing. This won't be a classic server at the end of 2019. It'll be just bot infested and end-game nolifers. Let us play the game. Stop serving content for 1% of the user-base that needs it. ffs.
  8. New classic update runes

    SWS is not just for hunters song and crit. rate, get your facts straight please. Additionally, if they do not implement the classic version of Othell bonus, then yes this server will be a mage server, and it'll be a byebye from me, since it will be the last hit towards active players. YES SORRY WE ARE NOT SUMMONERS OR BOTS AND WE PLAY FIGHTER CLASSES MANUALLY. Lastly, even having an othell8 (+250p.crit rate) which will be extremely hard to be acquired by normal players, max cap is not reached. On the other hand imagine struggling getting an othell8 for +25p.crit rate? PLEASE HAHAHA P.s: I think that the update is here way too early, since the server has been up only for like 4months. Since future patches are nowhere close to the classic feeling, I think that this classic thing won't last more than one and a half year at best.
  9. spell book drop rate

    Bots/RMT/Bad server business strategy cannot be fought with spellbooks people.
  10. Hello, I've been one of the many people (I bet we're many) that we have been watching all this clown-fest for the past month, by checking this forum/twitch videos on server etc, without not even trying to log-in or play here because what is going on is very clear. Seriously guys and people who love L2, - just like we do -, why won't you stop trying? Isn't it clear that they made a server designed to keep online players at high numbers (AFKers and bots for the sake of events), in order to bait new people to join and pay for their pathetic services? The business model is clear -> "We are very bad at our jobs, so let's set goals and gain fast/ez profit | who cares about that autistic community anyway". It's pretty sad knowing that our favourite game has never been treated professionally by its own creators/publishers. Let me not mention things like VIP, queues, CLASSICHAHAHAH Rates, bots etc. illegal servers' enthusiasts are like gold compared to NCverysoft. Stop paying them. Just get out now and either find a priv server (IMO .club has been alive for 3++ years, people love what they do and they do it good) or just wait for WoW Classic being released by a serious game company like Blizzard, that didn't wake up one day and said "Oh we're gonna release classic next week", but rather announced it, kept the hype up, DEVELOPED THE GAME/ RE-VAMPED IT THROUGH CODING/PUBLISHING/MARKETING good Yeap blizzard shall enjoy les dollars of the subs when Classic comes out for many many more years to come, while NCverySoft peeps will soon be looking for a new job. For the people that waste more than one hour in NA server, and disagree with whatever is being said about the situation, PLEASE see the light and stop before you regret the time you invested here. p.s: It is freaking unbelievable that EU and NA Official L2 classic server owners are contesting about who's the worst