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  1. Cave of Bot delevel

    The game was never designed for bots in the first place. Bots are not a part of the game. Bots are here because some people dont want to grind like the rest of you and are looking for an easy way out. Bots are here because NCSoft in general doesent give a flying F*** about them, they dont care about players, they dont care about gameplay, they only care about making $$$. Last but not least.... Bots are here because of this community, people who play here dont care anymore, the ones who care already left. Most people here only play this because of nostalgia and the rest are botters who are making $$$ by selling adena to others or to adena sellers. F**** the standards, F***** the people , just gimme money and not just a little ...all of the money. Edit: I stopped playing here 2 weeks ago. My lvl was in mid 50's before i quit. I check the forums now and then to see if they are at least trying to do something about the issues and so far they dont.
  2. Reward for bot reporting

    They dont care about bots. I've reported a lot of bots ~1month ago and they are still running ingame. Starting areas and low level (boosted adena) areas are swarmed with them. The current state of the server is just benefiting botters/adena sellers. Its no point even trying to report them. The areas where bots are all the time were reported/shown to them many many times and from the looks of it they will do nothing about them.
  3. Hi all, Everybody who is raiding knows that this is really annoying when 150 people goes to the Raid Boss and just before they start killing it a random lvl1 character comes and hits the boss so then 150 dont get the loot rights and they have to relocate to another boss or if they kill the current boss the random lvl 1 characters will pick up all the loot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NCSoft.... Can you please change the Raid Bosses so only players who are in Raid Bosses level range can get the loot rights (if boss is dark red to you or dark blue, you can not get loot rights), or Command Channel with more DMG gets the loot rights. This is really frustrating and not fun at all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you all think about this?
  4. Event

    Oh i'm sorry... not the answer you expected? Did i offend you? Well good... You asked a question, i answered. Different people , different opinions. If you dont like it then dont ask/post. Edit: I'm not really sorry.
  5. Maximum level was not 70?

    They specified thats for the player. In the patch notes you also see that multiple times.
  6. Event

    No. Its like..... you're hungry and you see shit. Would you eat it ? ..NO If i put some candy sprinkles over that shit... would you eat it then? Hell NO.
  7. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    At the moment, at least how it looks with all the issues the server has, there is no point to invest money/time/energy into playing here. After the wednesdays response that they will not change anything at all, and that everything is working as intended a lot of friends of my friends already left the server. Right now i am the only one that is left from my group. The upcomming december events are also a joke if you can even call them that.. I'll wait untill wednesday.... if something changes - it probably wont, then i'll probably leave myself. Too bad they drove the server to the ground after 1,5months after the "release" because of the stupid decisions they made.
  8. Huge packet loss since yesterday

    Maybe they'll add "0 packet loss" scrolls to the store soon.... who knows.
  9. Maximum level was not 70?

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-launch-patch-notes If people are level 71 already something is very wrong.
  10. Launch patch notes

  11. Maximum level was not 70?

    Player level cap, he says it again a bit later if you watch more and not just few seconds.
  12. Now what?

    There are many things that are different from what they said how it will be. I would refund and move on, vote with the wallet. Maybe they will get the message if more people does that.
  13. Maximum level was not 70?

    Level 70 "cap" Lineage II Classic Patch Preview Livestream; 41min 5sec
  14. My main is bishop, i play in archer cp, i strugle with adena. I finnaly got karmian set, bought gloves got upper and lower from RB drops, i have some random d grade weapon - borrowed it from another guy. The big portion of adena i get in cp i give to DDs so they can buy SS and maybe someday better weapon. I was never lucky in afk events, never got any weapon from the boxes or anything, aden dungeons also suck so far. So... yeah....
  15. You completely missed the point i was trying to make.
  16. Normal logic: (thats how it should be) 1 guy, 1 acc, 1 character //if a player has more chars on his/hers acc thats still ok Your logic: 1 guy, X accounts, X characters (maybe even X PCs) //yeah thats really how you should play a game according to you Also you have many classes in this game not just "mages". Yeah i guess the problem is in all others. Those are players/slots on the severs. If 1 guy has 5 boxes.... you will see there as 5 "players".
  17. This is how i feel: http://prntscr.com/lo5dd2 Three weeks of saying you will fix the adena problem, with a constant feedback from comunity. Now you created heaven for bots because of messed up "custom" low level zones and the answer is "this is how its intended". Now that people are not happy and you see they are not happy, instead of really fixing stuff you will censor them. Wtf ?!? edit: Wanted to edit my first post but i coudlnt anymore. (you can delete the first one)
  18. Thank god for other games. PoE will be fun in december with the new update. I'll probably migrate there myself.
  19. Yeah, because thats "classic" experience... to buy everything from the L2store.... If they want to bury their own servers let them. No point of complaining anymore. They know the issues and they will probably also feel the consequences of their choices.
  20. Archer CP (8/9) looking for EE

    I got all the members now BD quit so i'm looking for an active BD.
  21. Archer CP (8/9) looking for EE

    Hi all, As the title says, my archer CP is looking for an active Elven Elder. Our CPs prime time is from 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1. We use teamspeak and discord. If anyone is interested and wants to join, just send me the PM here on the forum or post here in this topic with your nickname so i can contact you ingame.
  22. Of course you can progress. Depending of what you want from the game and how far you want to go it will just take you that much longer. You are progressing everyday, little by little. Just enjoy the game. edit: If you are 25 now, then your first goal should be to get to 35. Then you can start doing daily quest on AI for 3x 1mil XP scrolls. Then when you'll get to 45 you can start doing FoM for 7x 1mil XP scrolls. At 45 two daily missions will give you 10 mil xp each day.
  23. Archer CP (8/9) looking for EE

    Because of some people quit i'm looking now for more CP members. EE SWS HE/PR HE/PR
  24. How will this sarcastic comment even help?
  25. Since when was L2 about creating X amount of new characters to "farm" 1-30lvl content just to sustain your lvl 50+ char ? Thats not how L2 or any MMORPG should be played.... About bots: Right now some low level areas give too much adena compared to other areas ingame and if you'll have a server like that you will have gazzilion of bots all the time. Even if you catch them and ban them from the time they are reported to the time they will recive the ban they will already farm a LOT of adena and transfer it to other chars.