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  1. The main idea is to gather money so our community managers will start responding to our requests/questions/etc. It seems the evil NC wont pay them thats why they wont respond to us or maybe the money the earn are not enough. Or maybe they force them not to answear and only announce what will be happening. After all its all about the money
  2. Respect YOUR money

    As history has shown with NC you will treated with no respect. Welcome pay2win items and this is the beggining of many. Respect your money its something you earn through your work but even if you have so much money that you dont care at all DONT invest on a company that absolutly does not care about your investements. They wont CARE about your wishes. Even when this chaos started and we wanted someone to listen and reply to us as you SAW there was nothing at all only locking new topics with people who protest ITS YOUR CHOICE Wish good luck to those who will stay
  3. First it was the queue forcing for VIP then it was broken rates(adena) now its the event and ofc as always the bots IF people-players continue to play this joke of a server then there is seriously some braindamaged people out there that must get doctors help it would be better imo to play a pay to play model rather a free to play but pay to win.
  4. You have no Guts to Quit

    New topics about how unfair the game is or how pay2win model is going to fail and apocalypse is near and server population is dying are all over the place. Its interesting though because in reality the majority of those who are protesting about changing server or stop playing are those who will actually stay and maybe start giving money to NC >>Irony The story goes something like this.You log in you sell you items for real money and then come back with enough money to sustain their cause and make Nc rich It takes Guts to Quit because they know your will to play and the nostalgia this game brings. So nothing will really change same players different nicknames
  5. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    Even if the population is about to drop its already win/win situation for NC. They aim for those who will stay and pay.Their profit will scyrocket. Its all about our money going to their Company.
  6. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    Of all those people who cry im pretty sure noone will QUIT the server instead they will keep playing. We all know that they wont listen and they do what they do only to milk our money. Stop crying unless you have the guts to stop playing and supporting them!!!
  7. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    The only thing i enjoy the most in this full-bot server is going to "hot-botting" areas and pk them all the way. Yesterday i went to brekas stroghold and it was a fiesta. But seriously trying to level up from the beggining seems impossible.Server is full infested by bots Elfs and ponies going up and down in every popular hunting zones. Yet there are people who are willing to pay Nc while there is no respect on costumers wishes. What wishes you ask? +A server where bots are not more than real players(bot will always exist but on this server its bots 80% real "active players" 10% and an other 10% adena sellers and afk) +Stability.(events not working,adena rates needs a fix,etc) ++Listen to your audience.Forum exist for people to state facts and opinions.Since its widely accepted that bots exist and people are telling you get rid of them dont look to your POCKETS only.TAKE ACTION -->There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.(But then NC is a "problem" defeated ages ago)
  8. Its impossible to reroll new character.Dion plains are full infested with bots.Elf summoners everywhere. Its impossible to farm there. Nice job btw banning bots you have done a wonderful job so far!!! (sarcasm)
  9. Orc Destroyer

    Hello to everyone and happy new year with more bots(sarcasm) and happiness.So straight into the point i've been experimenting with many classes so i can find which one i like.In any case im gonna raise orc to become Destro. I need a complete tutorial-guide and your advise because for me its the first time i play this class in any chronicle or server
  10. Greek Clan for two

    Psaxnw ellhnikh clan eimai palus knight sta 20 lvl mazi me ena atomo akoma orc shaman sta 20 epishs.Paizoume arketa oso mas epitrepei h kathimerinothta kai psaxnoume ellhnikh clan
  11. Psaxno Greek clan ston server Giran

    kai egw magkes an paizei kamia clan eixa mage o opoios einai permared twra epd phra pk oti bot ebriska exw delf twra pou paei gia tank kai me parea tha anevei grhgora pame ligo!!!
  12. Elf Tank-Knight

    i get the feeling that compare to other tanks TK is in a very bad place right now pve/pvp wise
  13. Elf Tank-Knight

    it seems ill make my life miserable but its ok.I want something different so as long as exp goes it will be hard?
  14. Elf Tank-Knight

    I've seen some similar topics but as title suggests im gonna go with Tank class and more particular the Elfs. I've never ever had a tank or Elven tank so i need some suggestions and tips from those who know how to handle this Tanks -what box im gonna need -how i can be sufficient in pve/exp/rbs -whatever you got to say just say
  15. adena

    Your BEST bet to make NcSoft actually do something is: >>>>STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY<<<<