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  1. Hey Hyper, u know who is me! Rsrsrs, but i think we need 48hrs to confirm melee lag gone, on sat we melees can confirm that, keep safe! Best!
  2. Lag like 2 weeks ago back, very insane on Naia, dont know is just for melee, but is unplayable.
  3. No way to play here, intense lag, close server or remove bot players
  4. We not have support, u cant resolve meele, dc, whatevwr, u nerf enchant rates, u do fake promotions in store, u lie, u do nothing, we got nothing in free events and paid events, we have lag, u not give a response in forums, u wanna we leave? Sounds good to me, the worse game company i have seen, continue with yours fake events, continue without resolve serius ingame problems cuz we have a lot of idiots that will still paying....
  5. U all have the solution, but u all are blind, stop buy ncoins for fake events, not so difficult!
  6. I have a othel, same problem, he gives 1 hit, stay looking for mob 7 seconds, give other hit, 7 secs looking for mob, other hit..... i think game is over for meele chars, no way to play like that, no reason, the company just wanna create paid events (that gives u nothing) and cant resolve this serious bug.
  7. Please melee lag is doing slow motion now, impossible to play like that, restart server and btw put back chances of snow boxes like first day, cuz now just give potions.....
  8. This is how much XP NCSoft took from you and all players (different amounts ofc) to keep ur lvl and xp% to adjust to new exp table. Many of us paid for boosts to get the amount before new table, and NCsoft should be adjust our xp an level to new table, not remove xp for adjust ur current xp% (before new table) and level. Always say, we are the clowns!!!
  9. Rank system is bugged, people 112 in front of 113 and all messed
  10. I bought 500, opened 100 bloody and 200 normal boxes, got just elcyum, dye cry, artifact cry and freya scrolls
  11. Why u all want server boosts 1 more week, its for all, ur enemy is 110 and u 107, in 1 week, u will be 110 and ur enemy 113, so why? This events is for bots, stop this event pls
  12. @Juji thanks for this 3 weeks with boost but party 50% xp not working, just 4 u known
  13. Btw I mean IOS adena drop nerf, not IT
  14. why we need 450 scrolls to enchant a radiant circlet from +1 to +5? Cuz rates ate probaly 5% at +4. Why we have meele lag one year and no1 can fix it? Cuz u not sell anything in store doing that. Why u can nerf IT adena drop in 1 second? Cuz if players get adena not will spend real money in store. Why paiid events never give the 3 top itens? Cuz players will continue buying coins trying to get nothing. Just a circus and we are the clowns!
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