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  1. Hello, why is pick up time very low? I mean i kill mob with mage but till I come to monster some else is able to pick up drops before me?
  2. A lot people are leaving? so funny me or my CP partners are not leaving about who you are talking about?
  3. superwhat? no thanks, no idea what is it since a lot more players are from EU and They do not care about SB
  4. Enchant what? Totally made my day... is average Age here 9 ? So there are lets say 4 or 5 weapons +++ = Cheatorz?
  5. uhm but a lot of "Pro Spoilers" expect this quantity in lvl 20
  6. Mass what? I like those topic: BANNED For no Reason, RANDOM BAN or WTF? banned? for?
  7. ok son, can u just leave and stop writing on forum aswell? Thanks
  8. Seems mostly people from illegals with rates 10x+ are crying that the cant achieve everything in the beginning typical , next time check streams, check previews what classic is about, I am almost one week on ivory and DW not yet, but I dont open topic and cry
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