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  1. RIP then D: Getting through this queue is impossible
  2. Hey guys I need to know if VIP status is for 1 character or for entire account no matter the server? If I create character on Aden, then use NCcoins to gain VIP 1 will I be able to skip queue on Giran with my other character?
  3. But I can't even Log in to use them D: Getting "Client will be closed" all the bloody time for 4h ;_; its so frustrating.
  4. I think you don't fully understand the issue here so I will enlight you then. Bought today 2x 800 NCcoin pack for 2 accounts so I spent 10 euro. After making a purchase only message i got was "We will send you NCoins after we confirm your purchase, it will take max 12h" - say what?? Ok screw this lets be patient. 2h passed I dont even have mail that such action as purchase order was placed, but cash from bank account is gone. Now to GET VIP I must login to game to spent them on my character that is on Giran server, and GUESS WHAT?? I can't log in since 4PM couse I'm getti
  5. No I won't invest single dollar on something that doesn't work as it should. Couse whats the point of loosing 5 dollars just to watch "Client will be closed" faster? Its waste of money for me.
  6. From my side I want first to check what I'm suppose to pay for before I throw my cash into something that is unworthy to invest in. After 2h trying to login today I'm done. Waited 8 times in 599 ppl queue just to see "Client will be closed". It seems that this product isnt worth the investment of time and money atm.
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