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  1. 1. There is problem with misslocalized things in preset macro menu - last one is funny Of course, it does not work. 2. In Testimony of Prosperity quest NPC asks, and later thanks for, 100 Animal Skins, but in reality she wants only 10 of them, 3. When one starts Exploring the Dungeon of Abyss 40-46 while being still 46 lvl, and finishes it being 47, can not get reward - NPC will not let one enter 40-46 area, and even if one manages to get in there, speaks to NPC and wants to claim reward from NPC - nothing happens.
  2. Atm I die few times a day, by purpouse, to be stuck on lvl 46 and be able to do both dungeons, while in the same time lvling mine crafter. It is really easy to make lvls here, too easy
  3. Yeah Bit dissapointing. Bounty Hunter is supposed to be rich, while having better money than others, he can get better equipment, so his weak dps might be elevated a bit closer to others warrior's dps, at least I see it that way.
  4. I see thread died... Shame, but I guess this topic should be alive. I would like to get SOME + on spoil rates - I play bounty hunter, and I am poor... I am lvl 46, I have half plate set that I crafted, weapon D from event, and only thing that gives me some profit and hopes is dungeon... I have VIP 4, havent dropped any single full item D grade+. Spoil rates are so "high", that it is barelly possible to get anything
  5. How to see spoil successfull easier?

    I have notification on something like "Condition has been". Saddly, when you use festival, you cant tell which mob has it, and you only have one DING on multiple mobs
  6. Spoiler guide

    Go to l2wiki, look for iron ore and go to places with best chances When no iron ore, look for varnish. After 28 lvl u can look for aoe party in partisan or orc baracs, or still play solo looking for iron ore or varnish
  7. Yeah, thats exactly what I meant to say. Rates are twice higher compared to ones we had before, not compared to l2wiki. We are nowhere close to l2wiki, and prolly will never be, some places are far from 0.5 wiki rates - I know it really well, I play so called spoiler (not alt for money, I just like it). For example - Reinforced Stone Golem - https://screenshots.firefox.com/pfQuvQKHCx5IBjL2/l2wiki.com Good luck with getting more than one varnish from spoil I do not really get it, how would it make sense, and how would decrease incomes in game also decrease RMT incomes, but well, I was just loudly wondering why do they do so. Not saying it's reasonable for me
  8. Clan Level for Alliance

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-launch-patch-notes Those are not path notes? Really?
  9. First Weapon to buy on a Scavenger

    Tarbar isnt top, top 1-h blunt is bonebreaker, which is 2 milions+, i guess its gonna depend on what server. And now, about question what weapon type - it all depends. Spear is weapon to go with party and kill trains - on lvl 28 you gonna get aoe spoil festival, so you can spoil whole train at once. I dont think its good choice for solo play on this lvl. About 2-h blunt or 1-h - 2-h has a bit higher patk (92 vs 96), but its slower (fast vs normal), so it is all the same in terms of melee dps, but it might have difference if you use skills in hunting - 2-h gonna have slightly stronger hits by skills. And, of course, with 2-h you cant have shield. ps. I'd personally aim for tomahawk, which has pretty good availability and decent price.
  10. Crystalize skill

    Why do Scavenger gets Crystalize skill lvl 1 (D grade), and Bounty Hunter gets none of next levels? Is there a reason to be not able to crystalize C grade onward? I do not understant it.
  11. Nice work! Seems that most rates rided around 2x (1.7 or 2.2 might be just called 2). Remeber that they said it is intended to have rates low, and we might assume it is because of RMT and botters.
  12. Private Stores Zone.

    Theres seriously no problem at all with clicking to gatekeeper with this crowd - they are on pedestals for some reason We had this problem in GoD until they introduced pedestals (most ppl remebered names of GKs ) but since then, its not isue at all.
  13. Aden crashed

    RIP RB share ;(
  14. Aden crashed

    Got DC (Giran), almost logged - got stuck in character select screen. Now, cant go past launcher, got error (42)
  15. Spoil rates are broken. Its really annoying, but well, what can I do? I just do my job, and spoil a bit more Am I hoping that they gonna raise it? Sure! Am I leaving the game if they dont? Why would I?