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  1. So, PvP is supposed to be disabled in first two hours. It is not. As soon as player leaves village dies
  2. ROFL! Dethrone opens between 22:00 and 3:00! WTH?
  3. Its past 20:00 server time and theres no Dethrone UI @Juji
  4. You did not check this out, assumed that there is no info and now call me dumb? Well, that only says something about you
  5. Are you new to the internet? Heres your link: https://www.lineage2.com/news/deviannes-challenge-event
  6. But theres limit of 30 a day. Anyway, theres no way to make profits in game now, so you have to buy with coins
  7. You have passives to: sword/blunt/spear/dualsword/fist/ancient sword/rapier. Theres also stun bonus for: sword/blunt/dualsword/spear. No word about 2-h sword. Active skills work with: basic active: Fatal Strike: sword/blunt/dualsword/spear Spinning Slasher: spear secondary skills: Power Crush: sword/blunt/dualsword/spear Body Crush: sword/blunt/spear OFC you can wield anything you want, but it won't be efficient.
  8. You can play bounty hunter (lets not call it spoiler) with sword/blunt/dualsword/spear. Its still slow heavy armor user. Spoil skill exists in its own form - spoil+sweep BUT its not working. I heard it might be somehow usable 76+, but not there yet so can't really say for sure. For now its useless
  9. Ima dorf, I have short legs, no way I can outrun anything
  10. You can still die Theres a limit to how fast you can drink potions, sometimes it is just not fast enough
  11. Its easy with bounty hunter, bladedancer and a bit harder with swordsinger (need to use self heal multiple times with this one). Tried it with sylph but failed miserably (I didnt grasp this class at all, so it might be my fault)
  12. Makes sense, but its a shame there's no single word about it in event notes
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