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  1. Thanks for heads up! We really appreciate info 15 min before server goes down...
  2. I dont care about damn enchants! I am poor casual I cant afford enchants or other gambling trash
  3. Thanks! So this way I am losing whole day of play... Server is gonna be back around 2am so zero XP for us... Rly, awesome.
  4. Really makes me wonder how is this one supposed help us to rush with xp Minion Eye is also kinda meh, but at least not useless in PvE
  5. Why does it always look like this? Its impossible to read this table! (that's a shreenshot of whole screen, not cropped). Theres also error in description of Dragon weapon enchanting event. Picture with rewards shows +25 reward, and then text says its up to +24 max and table includes rewards up to +24. Fix it please @Juji@Hime
  6. I had problem for around 5 days at least - I tried different PCs/phone and different browsers. Nothing was working. Today it started working again. I guess I had some weird ban
  7. You are not connected directly to game server, even tho you have fiber. Signal goes throu many countries and many companies, there are alot of things on the way that might screw up you connetion quality.
  8. I have GSM connection, I got DC around once a week (I suppose thats when my IP is changed), and I live in Central Europe. I barely have any lags or any problems. So yeah, speak for yourself, not for others please.
  9. What do you guys mean by front facing play style? I don't really get it
  10. There is no response from support and I am getting impatient...
  11. Since few days I can not log into my account on l2 page. Page keeps refreshing throu all login pages and after all this I land in login page again. There is no error or anything, it just asks to log in. This is kinda funny, since my presige pack ended recently, and day before it I wanted to log in and check out my subscription. I was unable to. Next day prestige reneved itself, while I am still not able to log in and claim my pack. Am I the only one with such problem? Is it some kind of shadow ban?
  12. Try using other browser. Its impossible for me to purchase on mozilla, while on chrome it works OK
  13. So what about numbers of weapons? Are we gonna get any info? Also, should I changed my Bloody +8 R99 set to this? I am so cinfused now :(
  14. 1. There is problem with misslocalized things in preset macro menu - last one is funny Of course, it does not work. 2. In Testimony of Prosperity quest NPC asks, and later thanks for, 100 Animal Skins, but in reality she wants only 10 of them, 3. When one starts Exploring the Dungeon of Abyss 40-46 while being still 46 lvl, and finishes it being 47, can not get reward - NPC will not let one enter 40-46 area, and even if one manages to get in there, speaks to NPC and wants to claim reward from NPC - nothing happens.
  15. Atm I die few times a day, by purpouse, to be stuck on lvl 46 and be able to do both dungeons, while in the same time lvling mine crafter. It is really easy to make lvls here, too easy
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