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  1. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Ok something clearly has to be done about the afkers and the do not logout shops https://imgur.com/a/WFdSiD3 <--- None of these ppl hav moved for over 30 mins https://imgur.com/a/C7v7DTB <--- Shops selling absolutley worthless items for 500K Adena in order for the shop never to be put out
  2. Is the queue "real"? Check this out

    I have said this before This is not a new problem, it happened 15 years ago and it happening again today The timeout time is indeed 10 mins (so it was 15 years ago), and as said before it starts counting on the moment u input ur credentials (time when u connect to their login server) Queues are fake, its just ppl constantly tryin to login even after having their client closed for over 1h, ppl insist on queues As pointed before, increasing the timeout time wont make u login, it will make the queue last longer, since 9/10 of the queue positions being freed are ppl in queue dropping out, with 95% certainty. And they are being droppped out at the 10 min marker, if they were being dropped out at the 15 min marker u would be gettin to their position on the 15 min marker aswell. As per server population being so low, im pretty sure they simply arent investing in high end servers to support this, because i have no doubts that a 10K population server would go out of budget for such a high company. As for the doubters yes there are private servers withstanding with populations way over 50K in both wow and lineage and other games. As refered before L2 Extreme was closed in the past because it breached the 500K concurrent players on their total servers (with a grand total of 10 servers, 2 low rate, 2 high rate and 1 pvp for each zone EU and NA) To be more than honest pop cap should hav been raised already and servers exchanged, because in 2 weeks time they should hav realised that there are far more players wanting to play classical then the current BS the offer as retail. Regular servers have been always with Light population ever since i started playin classical no matter the time or day, so why not change them
  3. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    The time in queue is counted, same as it was 20 years ago.... As for the 10 second timeout, dunno where u got that info from but is completly wrong.... I hav gotten the message straight out of end of queue, and i have taken less than 10 seconds to select my char and enter the game, and not once did i manage to get to the loading screen...
  4. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    20 years later and we got the same stupid mistake happening.... Account inactivity time is 10 mins (just let ur chars be still for 10 mins and ull get the client will close message also) 500+ queues take more than 10 mins to get in, so the game sets you as inactive before you can even login, thats why you dont get to even input your pins or create ur new chars.... Kuddos to the idiots in the Dev team, that 20 years later cant remember how they fixed this in the past....
  5. Client will close now

    I find it amazing that 20 years later the same bleeping mistake is being made! All of us disconnecting after the queue hav been on the queue for more than 10 mins (game time to consider ur account as inactive) Since the game considers us inactives, of course it will close our clients.... Happened 20 years ago, still happens now, this really is Classic lineage2