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  1. ^ that, imagine that you flood server to "cast a skill" while its still on reuse, how many packets that would be, i am pretty sure there is some sort of threshold, otherwise imagine how much traffic we would generate
  2. @Juji what about brooch enchant scrolls that supposedly should drop in PI ?
  3. is all i am saying, its not true that item is supposed to be restored only once
  4. wrong again: The item has not been restored by the NCSOFT Support Team in the last 90 days, this includes restorations performed on another account or character. Compound/Enchant Fail Restorations are limited to 1 per category per 6 month period. Weapon/ Accessory/ Armor/ Soul Crystal so, every 6 months you can try again.
  5. your math is incorrect, the probabilities are independent from each other, its a fact. what you wrote is probability to get level 10 when every previous enchantment is dependent on the next one. yes its questionable how you can get level 10 in less than 2 years with this restoration policy, not so questionable to get level 9 though, level 10 is around 13 tries from 9 to 10. Until level 9, well, its a pure luck, i made level 8 from 2 tries the first one broke on level 3 so what? probably there was an abuse, i do not argue with that, but it is possible to get 10, and eventually e
  6. Everything that you buy with your own money should be your decision to trade or not, its like buying a car and you are not allowed to give it to your wife. Its no longer old times where you would have 1 character. So yes they should be tradeble. Char locked items is bullocks. Unless they totally break the game balance or something... However, char locked items should rather be account locked... because you might want to reroll etc, dimensional manager to the rescue... would be cool. But i know, they need our money so not gonna happen
  7. i use xp scrolls to get back exp that i lost during pvps, and i dont think sp is a problem. its how it should be, check your skill priorities, thats about it.
  8. this. unfortunately vip queue's are not separated by vip level so.... i wish it was though
  9. i am talking about current game status and 3 window limit and "keyboard and mouse" automation.
  10. actually they are prohibited to scan your system(legal stuff), the only thing they can do is to protect their own process. if they ever tell you they do, it can lead to a huge lawsuit
  11. https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-launch-patch-notes
  12. L2 uses tcp, might help, best thing to use battleping though or something along the lines.
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