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  1. If you're not gonna open any new areas that are farmable at least give us more mobs in existing areas... cluster mobs, double or triple the respawn rate of existing mobs so u dont have to run halfway around the world cause the mobs doesent respawn fast enough
  2. What about the ninja nerfs in LOA said nothing about reducing drop rate by 10000%? why is not that adressed already ? @Hime @Juji no wonder u loose players each day! U need to step it up. And what about the elixirs? u need 10 of them and then u have a low chance to get one full and by 'low' in l2 terms we all now that it is like 0.0000001% U get like 1 a week if you are lucky.
  3. There is no ddos attack going on.. just bots dropping arrows next to another bot and he cant handle it. No one else have problems with dc lags etc. Understand what a ddos attack is then speak.
  4. So, one bot complaining about other bot's. How ironic ?
  5. 99 crafting points for 800(0) lcoins as it is on essence ? 1 day full och picking up drops and u get almost 1 craft points is way too little and the herbs hardly give anything. You make new areas but you dont test it? i dont blame you i wouldn't give a shit either, but since we are playing and paying for it i think you should listen to the community. People are quitting each day.. When server started you had like 15k uniqe players but since u do as u want and dont listen to customers and giving them what they want or anything near what they want you end up with 250-500 active
  6. u need to increase the mob spawn rate at almost all spots with like 100% like u did in loa, or increase the amount of mobs.
  7. We need a revamp of existing zones... orc barracks for an example make it like it is on essence with aoe mobs, war torn plains ? all these spots that is not used anymore you dont need so many low lvl hunting spots. Toi is way too hard, only a handful people can manage it at all and that is the lowest lvls we are talking about
  8. Can you add aoe mobs or atleast increase regular mob respawn with 50-100%...like everywhere ?
  9. Do we have any info about the new crafting system that was gonna be implemented this summer? except what you can translate from the korean version? @Juji @Hime
  10. Great update with epics being 85, now the RMT:ers get even more money
  11. You cant trade or sell the "agathion ewa's". same name different id, and is unsellable and untradable / you can sell them but they stay in inventory and u get no money but it says "successful trade bla bla" @Hime @Juji
  12. Adding same type of monsters as in baium event, Group mobs fast respawn decent exp and some adena/drops. As it is on live and essence servers, as of now having aoe attacks is just a waste of space.
  13. ok, since your are checking the chances on things enlighten us and clarify what you can get out of the toi reward boxes since the description on your site and ingame is not the same. chances of combining two lvl one dolls since it changed with this update (low or very low is not enough of a description) and also is it changed so it is lower chance now to get advanced stable ewa than before or same as it was? you never know nowadays one event u get essence weapons with a totaly different matk than this version and the next maintenance it has changed to something else and no expl
  14. wow... what a bullshit move. advanced stable is more common than the agathion stones and we get a regular ewa.
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