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  1. It was fun while it lasted, I mean full servers, no bots and everyone low levels, but queues, lags, amount of bots, cash shop with XP scrolls, soul shots and finally this event where some people already have 3-4 top D weapons totally ruined experience for me, I think VIP perks (currently have VIP4 and works fine for me) would be enough, no need for XP scrolls and shots. Have a fun guys Going to try luck with paid EU classic.
  2. Seems so, unplayable from EU, used Express VPN to connect to US NY VPN server, works without any lag. Funny.
  3. This is weird, friend in party is perfectly fine, he does not lag, but everyone else have like 10s delay on Aden.
  4. Same here, launcher is not working, could not hit forums for while also.
  5. Still on Aden, it's horrible lag in there tho, like 20 sec delay ?
  6. I'm sure by Monday there would be crowd beating down NCSoft doors
  7. I was wondering about that, thanks for explanation.
  8. I totally agree with you on this, lets hope others will see it this way too :D.
  9. lol, in few feeks when people move from D to C and their weapons will have no chance to be sold, what do you thing they will do, keep all D grade stuff, when they desperately need C grade ? Of course they will sell it cheap and dwarves will burn it into crystals. Most od D stuff will end crystalized. You must be greatly rich if you can keep all stuff forever.
  10. Works pretty same as normal EWD Coop if its safe to enchant it will enchant it and weapon will be still tradable.
  11. Please read up again , I did not say anything about event giving out adena, but weapons are worth something doesn't matter if adena or crystals so you are indeed pumping adena into world, and I did not generalize everyone being moron, still there is a lot of people, who don't care about going fast up even for high costs. I personally think, that people should not be awarded for creating more accounts (getting char to level 20 takes 2-3 hours ?) and doing nothing (sitting afk in towns) .
  12. This of course isn't entirely true, if you are pumping market with weapons from event, you are of course lowering their price for little while, but you also pump more currency into market as weapons (or crystals) are worth something, too much currency from nowhere isn't good for economy, people who got money from this event will be eventually able and willing to pay higher prices for non-shop items like materials and so, which will increase their price and that will be bad for people who did not make money from this event. Also please mind, that as it of course lowers price of top D weapons f
  13. That actually makes a lot of sense, would be lovely to have VIP servers.
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