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  1. bye server, because bots

    someone said to me "if am in the front of pc its not a bot" okay
  2. Bot's and Multibox

    just quit the game, they wont care about botters and cant deal with
  3. Please nerf fishing ASAP!

    +++++1 6k slots but 4k is only ppl afk fishing
  4. Open new server Dion GMT -4

    yes, open new server, get another 5k full, open new server, open new server.... on december we got 10 servers with 6k full of ppl nice
  5. Stop spamming about queue

    We dont need more servers, we need more slots... Ppl stil afk fishing
  6. Thanks for ruining the server

    Ppl said there are pro players of L2.. Now, i know what they said. Do you have a life? This guy transpires L2, maybe his blood is covered with L2. Farm harder, play harder, i'm the hardcore babie mimimi
  7. Thanks for ruining the server

    80% of players > "The adena rate is broke, need buff" 20% "Pfff you guys ruined the server, WE ARE THE REAL MODAFOQUER ULTRA HIPER MEGA POWER HARDCORER OF GRIND" Less talk, play more. If is not enough, left the server and stop flame forums ++ server.
  8. yes man, they will run a script to know who lose exp and just throw you some exp+++ guys you are kiddies? wtf stop making some stupid question
  9. bibibibi "we retail players", just some kiddies rates are broken, no more leave this server and set up a private and set xp at 0.1, be happy
  10. Aspis D grade Shield

    shields dont add its pdef to your base pdef shield pdef is only aplied when you get succes on blocked hit