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  1. Old NA servers

    Hindemith - Spineripper
  2. Poll

    There is zero way to technically (as in from a code perspective) enforce that rule. How are you going to determine a box vs player? My buffer is fine but not ot other toons? I only run 3 boxes generally, 2 on 1 system and a 3rd with sep keyboard and mouse, so the rule past 3 wouldnt phase me but that's just a stupid suggestion. Only people with yellow shirts can play more than 5 characters is just as valid of a rule...
  3. Would just like to note for everyone blaming Hime for this.... Community managers dont have a say in much. They are the frontline face for the company in places like forums and the like, and I would bet Hime relays back the massive arguments that happen in public places. Community managers don't design game systems, they can just report the "outrage" folks have on media about it. Generally it's the execs above that make the decisions and the rest of the folks are required to enforce said decisions.... even the producers report to executives who have final say. I know people are seriously riled up about the drop rates and the like, but I'd like to note, as strange as it may sound, I'd be willing to bet Juji and Hime have relayed concerns and the folks above them are pushing for the bottom dollar regardless. That being said, I get venting frustrations, but at the end of the day you are probably blaming the wrong people. These folks also have access to a ton of analytical tools behind the scenes, so while there is an extremely vocal group in the forums predicting end of the world if things don't change, they can see new accounts signed up, peoples in queue, who makes an account an d plays for x time, alot of factors that go into decision making completely outside community sentiment. On a side note, in case you think I am making this up, I do work for a video game dev company, and watch how this goes... although the company I work for the execs listen to the people more frequently and adjust course based on feedback which isn't always the case... Also I am not an NCSoft fanboy, I dont disagree there is an issue with rates, especially SB's and Adena. I just think people going berserk on Juji and Hime is not the right method either. The one true way to have an effect on change is to voice concerns with wallets and stop logging in.
  4. Spellbooks

    Congrats on your RNG luck - I have 3 VIP accounts and a free to play opening boxes every day without any luck of the sort lol (not complaining, I've never had luck literally in any L2 event ever where I got the good prizes so it doesn't bother me much anymore). In regards to Spellbooks, they were hard to get, but like 1-5% chance to drop back in the day. They were also spread out a bit more. My main is a spoiler, with my 2 buffers trailing behind me. The only reason I could complete the Orc Clas change quest in Ivorry Crater was because one of the farmers was nice enough to chill and let me get last hit, most things were nuked before my fat little dwarf can move two feet towards them. An item to give a skill should not have same drop rates as full gear drops... that was never the case in old L2 days, and I get classic isnt the same as back then... but come on.
  5. What is the point of leveling?

    It depends on your reason for playing the game. If you dont enjoy the grind, or the hoping for a drop, or the mobs turning blue when they die (independent of the rates) and your only goal is max level with minimal effort... then why bother playing the game? Generally the caps increase, assuming classic wont be any different, new weapons and gear will be released, which requires farming adena, SP, and other things for it all. L2 was the first MMO I played, so I am playing Classic for nostalgia reasons. The game is still pretty different, people's attitudes and personalty to the game is way different, and I dont have the time I had in college to grind for 16+ hours a day. I am not playing it to be afk except for a single instance to be max level, because odds are I wont get there anyway since by time I did... new max + skill enchants + items would be out.
  6. Accused of Botting multiple times.

    If you're the original fathips from way back on Hindemith... when we had a sub model there were still a bajillion bots, just their adena cost was higher is all. They still make enough money selling to make it profitable I run a Spoiler with a WC + SE... I'm positive folks think Im botting - especially since at 37 I cant find a good grind spot and have to compete for other folks taking all my mobs
  7. Event mob still 20 minute respawn!

    IT has literally nothing to do with this.