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  1. ok i was again reported because have box on my back for bot ? really is annoying maybe ncsoft must get some punishment allready for idiots like this ? or at least wanna to get msg who report me to know who to pk i got so pissed for peoples woth iq bellow 10 to dont know what is bot and what is box ?
  2. yea i know but is not that hard to make 1 icon cope or remember something like that or something like macro
  3. can ask can be make something to can save your manafacture list because every disc/restart and something else happend you must put 1 by 1 every item with prices ?
  4. from witch region are you ? im at the moment in england my friend from bulgaria not have any problem he play at the moment
  5. yea but i still cannot connect to the server
  6. i just got disconnect and cannot login now going select server menu click OK but nothing i restart my pc and still nothing server is up or not ?
  7. that is they are problem then usualy i remember old times when nobody let peoples to make aoe also have high benefit from aoe so they must take a risk that is the game so they can gather whole area i must stay and watch ? why ? for the old system im agree to bring it back
  8. they pk me and you must pay only 1 time this 330k and after that can pk how many you wanted btw your nick ringing a bell are you from bulgaria
  9. for that i make that topic to gm to start to make some rullez for abussing the system
  10. you say im boting after that a quote your post and im wrong ? ty for the exp now going to sleep
  11. also im mage cat recharge if you dont know
  12. just for info have shortcuts is so hard to switch ? and click shortcut for ressurect stop talking nonsense i try to be social guys with you killings mobs together
  13. im not afriad because im clean i make that post because guys like them must be punished because many teen players abuse the system
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