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  1. Can't find 1st class transfer quest (Dark Wizard)

    you just have to choose Dark Wizard, not spellhoweller , spellhowler is for 40 lvl
  2. Auto Skill-Heal use

    Hello friends , is it possible to use automatically a Heal skill when ever my life drops down to 70% ? Cause i cannot figure out how to do it.Thank you for your advice!
  3. Quest exp

    at 45 you can get the Mission , pay attention to this you get a MISSION not Quest , for killing 100 NOS at Aligator Island for the reward of 3 super xp scrolls. The mission you dont get it from any NPC as you do for quest, but you get it Automatically and daily !
  4. about Grades S,A,B,C etc.

    there will be Moirai , Vesper , Vorpal ?
  5. about Grades S,A,B,C etc.

    hello L2 friends, i thought that the hieghest grade on classic would be A grade, but i just learned that would be S grade. And my question is this! Are S grades the high end grade on Classic Servers, or they will be more grades in the far future like R grade etc ...
  6. What armor for Sk

    thats a nice video but still its a mass pvp not 1vs1 Oly fight , (i know Oly doesnt exists yet). Look at this video to see what i mean with perma stun/locks : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG8Sj_O8pps&t=44s
  7. What armor for Sk

    yes but have you seen permanent stun locks of Warlord or Destroyer or even Tyrant , how to escape those stun locks without Blue Wolf which has 30% stun resist ?
  8. party matching

    hello i came back in game after months , none enters on party matching ? is this server dead ? maybe should merge with Gludio ?
  9. What armor for Sk

    what B armor to use for Sk ? Doom or Blue Wolf ? (is it blue wolf better for pvp because of the stun resist ?)

    Hello Dark Elves , i got a question about the 4th Class of D.elf Tank , the Shillien Templar. Does Shillien Templar take the skill Magical Mirror On Classic Server ? *( For 5 min., reflects physical buffs/ debuffs with 10% probability and magic buffs/ debuffs with 30% probability. Requires a shield. )
  11. Lag ?

    I play from Greece to Aden , which is mostly America Latina and US timezone , because the servers was closest to my country was FULL and had high queue , so i join Aden willing to start lvleing! nowdays i have lag. My Computer is quite strong(i run easy Dark Souls 3) , my internet connection is 13 mbps on test speed (and i have my own pillar outside of my house) , so is this lag because of my far distance to America servers ? Is it the server itself ? Is it any other issue ? do you also lag or is just me ?
  12. Dungeon of Abyss

    Hello there, soon i will hit 40 lvl and i will be Shillien Knight. Unfortunately my damage is really bad and i have no friends around my lvl and clan mates are always afk or busy , so i am looking for people to run constantly and daily the Dungeon of Abyss quest,which is for 40-46 lvl , please if you are interesting to help and make a new friendship contact me, ..in game name : Ansuzgardaraiwo
  13. SP

    hello everyone, any recommended way to earn fast SP , beside running Raid Bosses since people don't run them every day ...
  14. Lighting Strike (Sk)

    Hi we all know Lighting Strike skill of Shillien Knight , but is this skill magical or active ? Its power adds on P.attack or M.attack ? Does paralyze success matter from your P.attack or M.attack ?
  15. How to deal with fear

    yes there is no mental shield sa on Lineage 2 classic but im not sure if it exist an Augument buff ....