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  1. Ok thats valid. But realistically i cant drp to see this. But i do fight these guys in clan when we practice. And let me say YES SOME HIT VERY HARD. But also i consider the people im fighting. Im 106, lvl 3 gems across the board. I know for a fact im gonna have to play on another lvl to survive. So i know how hard ot may b. But considering we really was only out to try to top nova at the time. They were geared better than us at the time. So we built up. But i say that to say this, some peeps r geared, some r not. I agree that maybe we stop focusing on other castles and stick to the ones we con
  2. Ok i can respect this. After reading and discussing this thread it seems like its the disrespect is what majority dont like. Just know that its no possible way anyone can stp the smack talk between nova and us. I just dont see that stopping. But all the other clans we can work on that. Now that doesnt mean its gonna stop. But i can start the process and hopwfully some others will follow. I really didnt understand all the hate we recieve. Thats y i posed my questions. But i understand now. For me its easy to say GF and keep it moving. Cause i been on the other side of the spectrum. See guys a
  3. See thats my EXACT point. It always happens. Someone will always dominate one way or the other. And its been this same argument. Brafrod made some good points as well. But where me and him differ a bit is with people starting out by seiging. I think new or uo and comming clans should do some wars first which will get the player base moving again. Most even wars brings recruits to borhs sides. I think this is just a phase we r going through. Once the update comes many will come back anf play for a bit. EVERYONE SMALL AND BIG CLANS SHPULD WAR ONE ANOTHER ON THAY DAY. If new/returning players jum
  4. U guys r going away from the point. The main complaint is MS killed the server. No one wants to compete all cause of MS. So what did we do so differently than any other clan that hit the top? We can keep arguing about who did what all day long. Ok if nova does t want a war right now fine. But what about the rest of the server. See to me this discussion is bigger than nova and MS. From my understanding we won but the way we won alienated people. So if anyone can tell me how we should have won. What methods we should jave used. Ok we mass recruited (i totally missed it) but some say we did. Shou
  5. Oh and 1 more thing. I want this to b clear. At no point nor will i blame nova for anything. They used their methods, we used ours. But what im asking is what would have been a bettet method to beat them. Everyone says we did so much wrong. So that means u guys know the right way. And i wanna see whats the better way. Nova isnt the blame for the server current situation. But in my honest opinion we r not the problem either. I have my own personal belief on what it is. Ill share if needed. But again i say I am not blaming nova for anything. This is about y so many people blame ms for how they p
  6. Ok. So recruit less geared or better yet turn away geared people. Ok. And the statement what matters is winning, well thats kinda the point of playing. But whats winning in l2 really? Everyone who has played since i was on erika has seen so many teams go up and drop off. Only mainstay fo alk these years jas been nova. So every single team out there ahs been at their neck for years. And lets not forget when they were in their prime they were like the phalanx. They went on server Tours recruiting. So in the future that may work but ww again didnt do anything that hasnt been donw before.
  7. Ok. I see u guys view as well. But being one of the guys who was there when ms was on the bottom, i have to ask. If the methods u guys say we used to push to the top was wrong and alienated most players/clans from the game, what methods should we have used to topple nova, who by the way had peppinio and a number of other heavy hitters? What methods should we had done? All we did was the classic bottom to the top story. They say we had peeps the dropped tag to lvl. I agree. We did. I never did personally but we did have peeps to do so. So did nova. That shouldnt even b up for debate. We recrut
  8. I think i can answer this question. Ok about a year ago (or maybe more) we (MS) Was losing to nova. At some points quite badly. They talked trash, we talked trash. But we kept pushing. I dunno what happened inside of nova but Ms kept pushing foward. I personally was in our cc when we only had 14 peeps to try to fight nova. But we tried. And we also decided right then that anyone who helps nova on seige or dragons they was a target also. We let it b known. And a lot of guys continued to back them. Then the tablss flipped. But we didnt forget. Now i will admit, somepeople r victim by associatio
  9. Im gonna start off with pdef/mdef. I dont run hp now so ill remain the same. I usually didnt have pow so it wont be too much of a change to me. But i was thinking of trying a gew different things with the dual class skills. So if u see me get 2 shot in the first few weeks lol, thats my excuse. I may try hp in my build further down the road though.
  10. I went no hp at all. But also consider gear n such. If hp works for u stay. I didnt work for me at all. I went completely mdef and pdef. I did take dual light of protection for a while. Its awesome in mass pvp but doesnt help elsewhere. Let me rephrase that, its not always up when u need it to be. So i figured +15% pdef or whatever the number is over the chance of 40%. When the 40% goes off its ver nice but its not often like it use to be. So i let that go. But PERSONALLY if it was a choice between hp and that skill i would have taken dual light of protection. Cause contrary to popular belief,
  11. Im set to pvp. So every skill for menis chance. And as far as jewels go i run diamond, pearl, obsidian, topaz, and tanzanite. All lvl 3's
  12. I take no hp nor mdef in my ap build. And my skills r enchanted for chance in pvp. Especially the one that silences. Very important for chance in pvp. Remember i build based off my gear and so on. But in pvp hp is the least important upgrade. I build my tank to fight dragon weapons and thw bows hurt. So u build straight pdef. The way i check my tank is if when full buffed with knights and rose barrier and con stew i am at 37k pdef, 20k mdef, and 112k hp then i am fine. M def isnt that important at the time also. Not too many mages hit that hard now. Zu, morpheous, jager and maybe 1 other that
  13. Challenge accepted. U will never see me drop tag to xp. Every since this game started i been in warred clans. The xp will come. The competition is actually kinda fun now. I dont believe nor will i ever do the "shyt talk" approach. So this will be easy for me and some others. Lol. Good challenge. This is Katrise btw. 104 ET/Titan 102 or 3. (Havent played the class in so long lol). Zu's CP MS. LETS GET IT!!
  14. Norbit

    Comparing AP Setups

    Good morning. Now i really like this thread. Im not savy on this forum stuff. So i dunno how to upload pics but once i figure it out i wil. I will say this though. My exact set up is the same as your defencive one. I just got 3 aps in crit reduction instead of mdef. Now in my clan the tanks debating about the crit reductiin being only for pve. I think differently. Bsed on my test i recieved less damage. But they twll me its only pve. Outside of that, i can post my numbers with buffs. Lwt me find out how to upload pics. I have 3 tanks. Do u want katrise numbers, and does classes play a roll?
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