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  1. How can I solve an error that occurred due to an anti-virus program or firewall? In case your anti-virus program or firewall limits you from XIGNCODE activation, you may receive an error from XIGNCODE or the game client. If this error occurs, please contact support@wellbia.com with the program/product name, version, screen-shot and any details of how the error happened.
  2. And if you use all that time to collect adena and buy the books? Personally I was very lucky and they dropped me 3 HASTE books. But my friends were not so lucky and they bought them.
  3. I enjoy watching them cry. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  4. Are you really going to do a post for everything you dont like? I never saw a community as toxic as this one. Everything is a reason for crying. NO !, the SP is not a problem. The problem is you who do not know how to play Lineage low rates and want everything for free. I have two characters in lvl 49 and 52 and I do not have SP problems, you just have to learn to play and cry less.
  5. Hello friends. I'm just going to make my contribution that is very different from all of you. Currently I play with two active characters: A phantom Summoner lvl 49 and a Shillen elder lvl 52. I have both with Karmian set, in the phantom I use Sage Staff and I have top luxury jewelry, in the shillen weapon top NG and Elven jewelry. Always, but always always use Bleseed Spiritshoots and I never have problems with that. The ss of beast only for pvp. To be able to buy the equipment that I have, I use the commerce, purchase sale and creation of items that people usually buy. As simple as that.
  6. If unfortunately he is no longer 16, 17 or 18 years old, this is definitely not your game, my friend. And if you want to continue playing it, play it the way it is.
  7. Never in my life have I seen a community that cries so much. Dedicate to play and if you do not like it go to play fornite. This is not one of those shitty illegal servers that they like so much.
  8. My friend, the same happened to me. Use PayPal to buy nscoins with two accounts, in one I deposit them correctly and in another not even if I debit the money from the credit card. According to the answer is for the security system that is automatic and that you just have to wait. It may take up to 5 days. I'm already waiting 48 hours and havent yet been accredited, so I'll keep waiting.
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