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  1. Fix it! Fix it! Do the same during the ZAKEN SERVER TIME, which was played in the STEAM COMMUNITY
  2. There is no way to play, go to the farms area, there are several dead players huddled together (It sounds like a joke, but I think the Corona Virus has done it).
  3. Game servers will be down for unscheduled maintenance at 11 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. CDT / 2 p.m. EDT / 8 p.m. GMT+2 and will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. With this maintenance: Fixed an issue where Adena and items would not drop when the Vitality gauge was empty. Fixed an issue where the incorrect rewards were given for the Attendance event. Fixed an issue where reward was not changed for the “Mentee Development” clan mission after the update. It will now reward you 200,000 Mentee Marks upon completion. Fixed an issue where the Adena quantity
  4. Yesterday, at the time of the update, several players migrated from classic to Live, and the amount of "BOTS" is unbelievable, without being an automatic hunter. You kill and that thing remains dead lying on the ground, while a normal player gives TO VILLAGE! Notice that! Fix it! It is impossible to play with cheating players !.
  5. They should remove dead players from the farm areas. There are several players who are dead for weeks, or even months, this makes the game very difficult by increasing Ping etc. Several characters that get killed and hinder the game a lot. Visit Blazing Swamp (lvl.99 +), and observe the number of players killed. Also check, it looks like there are Russians playing the server.It is useless to stay with adena if you have nowhere to grow it, due to an overcrowding of "BOTS" or ill-influenced players who use a program. I played the European lineage and there they ban. Why don't you ban these malic
  6. You should open another server. NAIA & Chronos servers are quite full. There's no way to go to the faction bosses.
  7. The game should be open to everyone. Not be totally a paid game to play. There are people who are simply not playing the official Lineage, on account of the packages that are very expensive, a very high price. It must also open a new form of gameplay (medium quests open to the production of the item (at least on the servers NAIA or Chronos). So it would have more gameplay, and that PvP and PvE, which we haven't seen in years.
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