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  1. Classic Server Please

    I hear you. I played L2 with a few friends when i had no life, it was fine back then, not just fine it was awsome. However, with jobs and kids, this new system to level up fast is great. Tho it does butcher everything else in the game if you level past everything. But to take back classic, as in the grindy parts? Well, sure, i mean the cost of a server can´t be that hard, If enough people want it let them have it. How will NCwest make money on a classic server? Is it like you need to sub to play classic? Will it be profitable? Maybe they would let go of some things, increase a few things and look at GW2 for ideas on how to make a shop so they make money. I think if they think about it they can have a WIN-WIN situation going on. I would love to have more quests on different locations throughout the world while you level up. You do go to different areas now. But it usually is kill 200 of those and you get a level or two and you can leave this area completely. What if they fleshed out and made a few quests here and there in Gludin, and then you move on to gludio, and dion etc. Not just the one place, but all over? Decrease quest EXP and increase mob exp, make it possible to Take GK to certain places, but to to all places? I mean i can go on and on on how i would want it to be, but with a very tight budget i doubt they can do anything. But they should remember to EARN MONEY YOU GOTTA SPEND MONEY I loved exploration, going to places that sometimes took some time, i loved it. That is gone atm, we are going to explore when we reach 85. And the Adena thing, a few billions of adena to buy x item, is insain, really insain. I bought a few Coins cause the price is right, and i do want to support them anyway i can. The endgame goal was so far away, that it wasn´t really a goal to me when i played this back in 03-04-05. The exploration part, the finding materials, the crafting, the world, it was great. If they only would increase Exp given from mobs and put in hundreds of quests, increase running speed somewhat, if they take away the bad parts of any game or atleast refine them, and keep the good parts. It would be great. Bots and Gold sellers, cant be that hard to ban. One game master online a few times a day = win. And while we are at it. Gms online means events = win win.
  2. So i guess the bottom line is this, atk.speed vs atk.dmg? Level 87 Mystic Muse, what should i pick, what is generally better? Would it work using 1-handed blunt and a shield? Mainly for PVE, but would be great it it works for PVE and PVP. Any Help appreciated!
  3. Little wings big adventure.

    They should update quest text to include that you can HEAL the damn TREE. And be able to remove buffs from Hatchling.
  4. So any tips on how to finish this Quest? I do what guides tell me to, yet nothing seem to work. 40 minuts and nothing. 1. Find the tree. Attack it with my hatchling. 2. Trees HP goes down really fast, in seconds. 3. Let it get back some HP, continue to attack it with my hatchling. 4. Be patient....... lol 5. Rinse, repeat. 40 minuts and nothing? Cmon... I´m level 84, hatchling level 55.
  5. Mobs, do they drop anything at all?

    So they removed a vital part of the game, or any mmorpg, drops. That will probably not be well received by my friends sadly. So we might aswell look for other games.. I have a hard time figuring out how everyone is fine with this change? Imagine if Blizzard did this to WoW. How long ago did they do this? So the materials i am after i can´t get at all, with or without a scavenger? Or will the items i need Coal and Charcoal be easier to get at a higher level? So many questions
  6. I thought it was just me, but all i see is Adena. Going for a Hatchling so i need some materials... But when i think about it, from level 1 to level 73 i havent gotten anything from any mob i killed except adena. It kills the game knowing that nothing drops... I hope i´m wrong here, but do they drop anything? If not, will making a dwarf using Spoil help with my problem, or have they just removed drops all together?
  7. What enchanter to pick?

    Going cracy. So what enchanter to pick? Some of them have the same stuff, so which is stronger? 1. I need a buffer class mainly for PVE 2. Running speed is somewhat important, casting speed and melee atk speed. 3. It seems as tho they all have pretty much the same, is it equally strong "Casting speed increase", is it just the difference in Race and what you use as a weapon? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Good evening.

    So we recently came back after about 10-12.. maybe even 14 years xD. Anyways... So you do quests now apperently, and level up really fast, that´s all fine, but i just reached level 51 and have no idea where to go next. There´s also no indication on where to go to continue the newbie quest line. Went to dion, oren nothing, no indication or any marks on the map that "Here! i have a quest for you!" Which ends me up in Google all day. Any tips or help would be appreciated. Like i said, level 51, elf spellsinger. It should be atleast some form of notice where quests are, like in... all mmorpgs, maybe i´m just too low level for any quests atm. //Micke