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  1. Yeah, that's my bad. I forgot because I skipped levels 1 and 2. Even if they're VIP 3 or 4, the cost is a drop in the hat compared to what they rake in selling accounts, items, and currency for real money. I'm not either, I'm just a naturally bitchy person and it comes across especially clearly in text. I rarely bother to actually argue with people on the internet. they've usually got absolutely nothing to do with me or my life and I figure caring about it is energy I don't want to expend. I've got an Autoimmune disorder, I'm tired enough lol Also, yes, this thread went rabid pret
  2. If I'm not mistaken, it was a version developed, named, and released elsewhere long before NCWest got ahold of it. I also originally thought it would be the first released version and was looking forward to it, but now I realize that it's just not feasible with the f2p + item store platform
  3. I'm not saying it couldn't be improved on, but they won't. While people are busy complaining about legit people multiboxing there are whole groups of bots with vip1 farming silver coins in low level areas to flood the market with mats and to craft items to be sold through their sites. I understand the anger of the people who came to play based on misinformation about rates from NC, but otherwise we're pretty much stuck with what they've presented us with
  4. You can walk through people in shop mode. It was implemented years ago. You can also click on a wall to run toward it instead of the ground
  5. It's been stated repeatedly that "Classic" is NOT the original version of the game. It's also never been a secret that L2 has been nothing but a cashgrab since the day it went f2p.
  6. Who on Earth are you people to tell anyone else how they can play a game that was obviously designed for the solo option SINCE MULTIBOXING IS ALLOWED. If the object was to force everyone into a specific playstyle, the option wouldn't exist. Soloing with or without boxes has always been a viable playstyle and always will. Your acceptance of it isn't required. Go worry about your twitch streams instead of trying to dictate how anyone does anything.
  7. I really think there's another reason they're getting banned. I have no clue what that is, but it's not a complicated matter for them to separate a user controlled box and an automated one. They have 14 (?) years experience doing exactly that. They've never done more than ban a small % of bots who then just create a new account and start over. It's purely optics and just how NC has always handled it.
  8. If noone did it, there wouldn't be dozens of threads about it. It's not going anywhere and you're looking at it the wrong way anyway. Some people DO like to play buffers and healers, but there are a lot of times they can't get groups (time of day, need to afk often, etc). In these cases, you need a box to level your main. If you've never played a healer or dedicated buffer class for an extended length of time, sit the bleep down.
  9. Bartz since shortly after release - Raynesong / Raynesalt / Jesmyne
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