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  1. Sadly this game has never been fair. Let's face it, life isn't fair. This is the result of poor game design and the "Me first" attitude that too many players have. Most people use a macro/script/bot in some way with Lineage 2. This is because the game sucks and doesn't offer much in the way of fun. ...That's just my two cents
  2. The cost of being a summoner of any race are too high. It costs me ~75a each time my pony hits with bss and that is with crafting my own shots. This is considering that the Adena drop rate has not increased since lvl 30+ and I am 50+. The normal server has bss at 20a each...classic has it at 75a. Why? List of complaints: A) Increase Aden drop rate B) Decrease beast soul shots (bss) used by servitor C) Is for cookie, that good enough for me! D) Increase drop rate of spell books, a base 2-5% per SB... MY SE needs DW E) nough complaining
  3. Pony Power! FearMyPony (Aden)
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