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  1. Its a ticky situation, because the only thing worth it its not avaible on the L2 Store, and that would be anything to help you to even your personal economy. Let me elaborate: Right now if you XP normally without any XP boots, you will level faster than you gain adena proportionally. That means you will out level your own economy. eg: Imagine yourself hunting mobs lvl 50 with a top D weapon. Or a C weapon but losing money because each kill cost you money, everytime you advance mobs get harder meaning they need more hits but they don't drop more adena so you keep losing money. This is
  2. They have the same Matk, so its irrelevant which one you chose, just buy the one avaible.
  3. 20 days of fishing (10 days with ur EE and 10 days with ur Nuker with the free rod) will give you around 12 hours of Empower 1. Also the XP its 400 for fish sort of. A fish could take about 2 to 5 minutes to be fished. Then after the 10 days of the free rod you would have to spend 20k on 1 day fish rods. I would be more profitable to make an SE and EE along with the SPS than to try to fish for EMP. You could leave ur SE only at 25 since you would be ok on MP with ur pet and the EE. and Emp1 its all you need to 3 shot mobs, 2 shot if you are an Spellhowler.
  4. It's not sustainable through the whole lvl experience. Believe me, im main EE and use an SPS to lvl me. and SPH 2 shots all that I 3 shot, that means its economically better.
  5. EE its a Healer/Recharger so play something that needs roons out of MP or HP while lvling and doesnt need much buff to keep up. I suggest Spellhowler, the extra INT would make up for the lack of empower
  6. I believe the problem lies in the Economics of Lineage 2 vs the Business model for Lineage 2 Classic Obviously NCsoft it's a Company that makes a game as a business model and expects it to profit so its normal to expect some form of mechanism that "suggest" to the player to spend some money on the game either to advance or to be on top. Now depending on the number of expected players the business model will differ and invite a more broad base of players to spend money on the game. The problem is that the economics of the lineage 2 is not been considered, or at least all the var
  7. I also got locked out of my account for no reason at all... Obviously my entire clan (altho small one 15+ ppl) are considering keep playing for 2 reasons: 1 I was a lvl 40 prophet with a lot of hours put into it 2 They are afraid that they might get randomly banned for no reason a lose the inmense amount of hours expent on the game (also considering that its been made terribly hard) I replyed to the appeal mail but no answer. Best regards, hope this will be resolved
  8. I was also locked out of my buffer account for no reason at all. I feel exactly like you @Warsmith, even tho I might get back the account, how can I keep playing knowing they can lock me out of my account for no particular reason? I have a friend also that got banned (and his account was never returned) and all he did was report a bunch of bots. Seem like the bots banded together and reported him back or something and seems also they have more leverage than us average players. He also got his second account, a simple level 20 who he was using to fish only, banned too... You kn
  9. So this also applies for Spoil? If i have a VIP 4 Spoiler in a full party, the increase would be +5%? What deleted forum? why it was deleted? it had any word from the GMs? So no last hit from spoiler is necesary?
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