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  1. Do me a favor and stop QQ about an insignifcant nerf like this,put yourself in my place that i am othell and do not give more stun and have to be running behind to hit and when the dmg hits does not come in front
  2. I'm full stun and lately my stun does not take anyone else ,it is just me this is happening ?.is anyone else having trouble stun pvp / oly? shadow chase and flash buff are no longer
  3. why afford to do something like that? Olympics are boring, topaz + topaz + topaz? why not remove this or increase the skill delay equal to server core?
  4. why did they remove the big pack vitality before date 9/11?
  5. full str both for pvp and pve closed the problem. I have 149 str without fish stew or nano alien and 68 dex and my damage is great and forget that dex to pve and str to pvp .Str = critical dmg is what othell needs and I already told you this in game "iDr4cK
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