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  1. I do not need the suggestion, the GM needs a suggestion from his players. You are not seeing how many people disagree with what you are doing?
  2. Why delete the post? it hurts you to tell the truth? Start by paying attention if you do not want to get hurt afterwards. Now half of the players are trying to enter, I am inside of them. I'm not going to leave the server but 1/4 of them if, because of "We fix the login"
  3. "We have fixed the login" The 15th time I'm trying to enter the server, the number 20 comes and tells me that the client is closing. Stop talking shit and start giving permanent ban in the people who send PM selling adena, so you will have slot for players
  4. Really login fixed? its a odisea try to log omfg only talk @Hime
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