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  1. So started my queue to get onto the game at 8:45am and was placed at 1200 now off to work and willing to bet i will still have a couple hundred spots left to go by 6pm tonight. Really wish they would either let me transfer my character and stuff I spent a lot of time grinding to earn or put a cap on how long an account can be log on before having to re-log in so that way you dont have ppl logged in from 24/7 and shooting to queue wait time up to a day event.
  2. yup unless you can jump on right after server comes up it's almost impossible now...
  3. at least you seen your character.... I cant even get that far...
  4. Can I request to have my character and all the stuff in his inventory just be transfered to a lower populated server please!!! I spent the past hr 1/2 just trying to log in and cant even get to character selection.
  5. is it possible to request my character to be transferred to a less pop classic server? that way i dont have to deal with this queuing up? If it wasnt for the fact I spent the last week working on building up stock piles of mats and adena i wouldn't mind just switching but dont want to lose everything.. But I cant play if i have to spend hours trying to just log in...
  6. It feels even worse now then it did the other day, at least before I would get to the character selection from time to time now I get dropped consistently between 5-40 in queue... I know they are working on it but come on...
  7. It feels like the problems is actually worse then before, I have tried 5 times now and working on attempt number 6 just to even get to the character selection but get kicked when I'm at 1-40 in queue now... this is stupid...
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