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  1. Clan Tea Party (actualmente lvl 1) recluta mochas o pjs secundarios o pjs casual para clan de mochas. La idea es tener un clan para obtener los beneficios de clan para las mochas. Actualmente somos 8 mochas y 2 casuals. Si quieren entrar pongan aprieten abajo en clan >> Clan Entry >> y luego buscan Tea Party y entran ( foto: https://i.imgur.com/V5z4Vhx.png ) Se acepta automaticamente, sino whisp mimikyu. Espero sus mochas <3
  2. Actualmente somos: 8 Mochas. Tambien pjs secundarios, o si sos main pj casual y no te importa estar en un clan donde no hagan nada (como a mi), mejor aun
  3. Buenas, cree un clan para reclutar mochilas sueltas que anden por ahi. La idea es que sea un clan de mochas para las rewards de exp en las mochas y si sale el hunting tambien. Si tenes una mocha suelta por ahi y te interesa la idea aplica al clan desde Clan Entry (imagen: https://i.imgur.com/m9gyhss.png) Y luego buscas el clan TeaParty ( imagen: https://i.imgur.com/6U4oYzm.png ) Esperamos tus mochas!
  4. Solution nr.3 If you have an stun skill. Stun the bots, when the stun goes out, stun again. The mob will kill him eventually and you will not get pk. I always do that for bots and for people who takes my farming spot. Anyways nothing of this really work for bots, they dont care. You, as human, eventually get tired and go to sleep when those bots are farming all night without problems. Ncsoft doesnt care about bots, if they care, why we are seeing bots everywhere and they never ban him? For example: TrustedShop, a gold seller account, he was like 2 we
  5. I think this game doesnt care about bots. If they really care, they should pay a guy to login every night and start banning people. Yesterday me with a friend recorded a lot of bots, everywhere. Seems like if you are not boting, you are wasting your time in this game.
  6. if ( user.isBotting() ) { user.SpoilChance += 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999; } thats why
  7. sos medio boludo, si todos pagan vip, que pensas que va a pasar con la queue? No es una solucion viable igual ojala paguen todos asi te caguen y te levantes a las 5 am con el culo roto para logear jajaja
  8. and dualbots, fishing, private stores
  9. Say that to @SmileyCyrus that thinks ncsoft its a glorius company.
  10. the people who buy adena doesn't care about money
  11. if the queue isn't fake as all of you say Why when are 800 people in queue, you will have to wait 10 minutes - the time you spend selecting the server ? and when are 100 people in queue you will have to wait the SAME time. I'm not saying the timer is fake, the timer is perfect i think. The queue is fake because doesn't matter the amount of people waiting, always when the timer is about to reach to 10, you will be < 10 position in queue and then disconnected because session expired. The queue is forced to last up to 10 minutes of the session, thats my teory. Maybe its a
  12. i already read all the thread, you are not understanding what im saying if you think that the queue is real.
  13. obviously the queue is fake. Why always we have to wait up 10 to minutes in queue? Doesnt matter if there is 800 ppl waiting or 200, always 10 minutes.
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