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  1. i dont stop try enter the game, i swear, 2 day, and nothing.... someone get login?
  2. i'm in my house, looking for fun, and ncsoft dont help-me
  3. they are drinking a cocktail with our Money... they dont want work to fix this
  4. yes, they pay back, becouse i pay with paypal, and i can cancel.
  5. ty bro, i buy 30 usd to get login and dont work.... shut up next time....!
  6. Now I feel like a moron injured by NCsoft, because I bought ncoin so I can play and I can not...! What do I do?
  7. are u kidding me? i buy this shit just to get login....
  8. queue 400... And, i'm a Vip3... and now staff????
  9. i pay 30usd, buy the pack, but still in queue... what i have to do to get login without queue?
  10. ok, i pay 30usd, i have 2400 Ncoin, How do I get to log in? i just pay, buy the pack, and i still on queue??? what is this?
  11. i will pay, but this is a shame to this company...
  12. It seems very clear, but it would be more honest to do as they do in Europe, they have the discernment to charge per month, and not forces the public to pay... still trying to connect, but falls missing more than 30 ppl in waiting... shame for this company, which could Make the joy of his followers but prefer to play with luck. NCsoft Shame, shame!
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