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  1. nice, i'll try there on later lvls then. Do u windstrike or turn undead on mobs?
  2. What lvl are u? I went to execution grounds and i could barely stand for 1 ghoul + 1 strain without burning my mp
  3. Awesome, guys. I'll build myself as a battle prophet Thank you very much for the advice !
  4. well, actually i found out there is / was a build that is called "Battle Prophet" or something like that. I can't find it because the old L2 official forums are down. I understand this consists of putting out some dps (ofc never like a true dd) as well as buffing, but i would like to know what this build is about and how to max dps as a prophet. ty in advance!
  5. Are there any prophet mains out there? I would like to ask some questions about the class
  6. this is basically what i meant by "function well" in an archers party. You're not an archer, you won't be dealing sh*t tons of damage, but you can contribute. I agree with almost everything you posted, daggers are a class that needs to be mastered, they're not an f1 f2 char, and hell yeah it is a rewarding class to play.
  7. oh, i forgot the last one. You have fake death as PW. <3
  8. my two cents 1- Daggers are far more fun on pvp than archers. 2- Daggers with a bow can function well for farming (pw over the rest, cause you crit like hell) in an archers party / raidboss
  9. Ok, so i went for light armor set. Im lvl 25 with a sword breaker as a wep and an aspis as a shield. I confirm now you can kill nonstop just healing between 2/3 mobs and stay with full mp. This is cool, the dagger crits + focus proc often and the pdef given by the set lets you tank some mobs. The cons are that you loose 200 mp (wich if you're soloing you won't even notice, but if you're in a group buffing 9chars you WILL notice) and some casting speed (barely noticeable comparing it to the set that is given to us that has 5% casting speed as a bonus). I guess with a d grade w
  10. Im in the same spot as you. I think for nonstop killing (if u play solo) light armor + sword would do the trick.It will be slow af but you wont have to sit and rest. If you'pre playing in a group youll need the extra casting / mana provided by spellcraft / robe to buff the entire party. It really is up to you wether you decide to go solo or to go in a group.
  11. Ivarrr

    Dual Box

    ignore this post, i retried logging in with 2 different accounts and worked just right.
  12. Ivarrr

    Dual Box

    hi there, so my question is how do i dualbox? if i try to login 2 times with the same account the game tells me "Account is already logged", and if i try to login 2 different accounts, the second one disconnects the first client. could you enlight me please? sorry for my bad english thanks!
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