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  1. What's known about upcoming update?

  2. ISS Sword Muse + Minimum Gear

    Buy a shield.
  3. Merge

    Hope clan halls wil be taken from box/dead clans.
  4. Game Font Missing!

    Same problem.
  5. three time in a row no one won lol
  6. Please Help Account locked.

    A friend from the clan had the same problem. He had to make a new character.
  7. Valakas - Truffle

    Time to leave this game.
  8. Any other games worthto play? Tryed Aion, WoW and ArcheAge. But they were boring.
  9. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    This is the end of small clans. Accept it and join a large (normal) clan.
  10. Yesterday tehere was huge BSSR, SSR lag. Bad day for testing ;p
  11. Best iss 101+ after salvation

  12. Doubts: +1 Polimorph Meditation does what?

    On lvl9 its gives 25mana/sec. very usefull on olympiad
  13. Doubts: +1 Polimorph Meditation does what?

    It recharging your mana when you are in stone state. Enchant it as high as you can.
  14. How do i get a pet wolf?

    I just throw out one 74 lvl yesterday