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  1. Valakas - Truffle

    Time to leave this game.
  2. Any other games worthto play? Tryed Aion, WoW and ArcheAge. But they were boring.
  3. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    This is the end of small clans. Accept it and join a large (normal) clan.
  4. Yesterday tehere was huge BSSR, SSR lag. Bad day for testing ;p
  5. Best iss 101+ after salvation

  6. Doubts: +1 Polimorph Meditation does what?

    On lvl9 its gives 25mana/sec. very usefull on olympiad
  7. Doubts: +1 Polimorph Meditation does what?

    It recharging your mana when you are in stone state. Enchant it as high as you can.
  8. How do i get a pet wolf?

    I just throw out one 74 lvl yesterday
  9. Adventure Guild Faction

    next stage are diamond lvl1 and peral lvl1
  10. Lol what they did they to Baium and Freya?
  11. Best iss 101+ after salvation

    And half br every 8 sec.
  12. Best iss 101+ after salvation

    Love my sws too
  13. Adventure guild fraction

    It is possible for players above 95 lvl to do that fraction?
  14. Infinity Stones

    seven signs seal but donno where is seventh