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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Iss 103 fail at first raid too many minions and almost 0 dmg on raid
  2. Selling items for ncoin is not event its sale. Event is wehn you have to kill some mobs or find pony/alien.
  3. Little wing quest

    You need preawekening healer to heal trees or it will die and quest will fail.
  4. Xincode Error

    I have other problem. Since today update when xincode load my game switching to full mode.
  5. Game Opens to an Exit Button

    It happening to me when i use alt+tab to swich window when game is loading or when i do anything else.
  6. Penny's adventure guild

    You need to do daily quest form Penny (k95, harnak, bloody swampland). For each quest you get faction points. When you get enough points you will rech lvl 2 and quest will be done.

    Maybe no one wants to go with you...
  8. Etina's Fate Known Issues - October 2, 2018

    More than 50% of dmg come from one player - hp goes full. That shoudl help.
  9. Last week i have got zariche. It was great fun to stand on dragon valley span and kill one bot by one. They are back after few sec and go to the same place...
  10. pc points from adventure guild cube

    I just wanted ask about this. Deer NC Staff would you change it for some useful reward?
  11. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    There should't be any patch notes at all. Part of the game is the joy of discovering it, Not only to prepare for changes in the market.
  12. +10 Armor Question for a Moderator

    You mean fafurion update not orfen. You lost 1 lvl of echant when you change r99 to r110.
  13. Usage of "shared" skills with other players

    Healer debuff Dark Devour disappear after feoh or dagger (im not sure wich) use one of their debuff