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  1. It depend on what jewels you put in brooch. I read about it somewhere.
  2. New Launcher problem

    That new loader work very slow
  3. Sword Zariche

    Is it normal that both sword are still standing in the same place? Rune castle and wild beast clan hall. Small abuse?
  4. Most people us TS or ventrillo or other programs. No one looks at chat,
  5. Those dog transformation are sweetest things ever
  6. What is your class? I play as ISS and i made summoner box just to make that quest
  7. Ppl get banned for that in past.
  8. Lacks of Tanks

    And all tank exp very fast so they are in better spots:P
  9. Lacks of Tanks

    For what do you need tank on parnassus?

    You must first use:
  11. Etina solo - impossible?

    Did it in 20 min with iss 105 very low gear. Npc did moste of the work
  12. Noble Ports

    Going to ToI 13 take to much time
  13. Doubts

    Wizard - efl (wizard harmony lvl 2 and mana recharg) Warrior - dark elf (warrior harmony lvl 2) Summoner - orc (crier harmony thats give reuse and p atak) chaos essence can change your class but there is restriction like iss to another iss not iss to feoh
  14. HELP ME

    You get R grade on lvl 40 now. Just make new character it's fast now:P
  15. Etina solo

    Also question about Storm Isle. When you open map - quest info there is quest lvl 99 Storm Isle - secret spot given by NPC Hora but there is no npc in Aden