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  1. Usage of "shared" skills with other players

    Healer debuff Dark Devour disappear after feoh or dagger (im not sure wich) use one of their debuff
  2. Kamael inspector

    Hi. Is is still possible to make kamael inspecotr in game?
  3. Under the influence of sentiment, I went to Guillotine Fortress. What I saw there was a circus. A few party of bots that heal, buff, resurrect. All the time. Just go there and ban it plx. It's simple. They are not using macro it's pure bot.
  4. enchanting skills

    It's because of base time. Orc drums lasts 150 sec, other iss songs/dances/sonatas 5 min. But drums give more power.
  5. Siege System Dead

    Castles gives almost nothing. Therefore, hardly anyone fights for them. PS. give back manor
  6. Party matching trash

    Is it possible to block all that WTS WTB advertisements from party matching? Sometime it's hard to see real party. Maybe just block some trade-related phrases in that window.
  7. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    Aimp Opera Avast CCleaner GOMplayer
  8. Is there I can see all skills?

    Skills are updated.
  9. Is there I can see all skills?

  10. Dragon weps

    I understand that one clan is the strongest and rules. But it slowly destroys the server. Dragons are an important part of the game which for most is now not available. If the other side does not stand a chance it disappears. If rulers allowed other clans to kill one dragon from time to time, everyone would be happier. One side got a chance to gear up and the other side for a real fight and not another boring slaughter.
  11. Dragon weps

    If there was no monopoly for dragons, there would be no need for interference in the form of this event.
  12. It shows when i exit game.
  13. Change of dual class in Red Libra

    Do i keep %? If now i have 100lvl and 40% i keep it or it will change to 100lvl and 0%?
  14. What's known about upcoming update?