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  1. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    Hello, where i can buy giant freya weapon scroll? Cant find in event npc....
  2. Problem with PVE equipment helmet

    this!, changing to attack type i could wear it. Ty a lot Helmina, i didnt know this, ty, ty, ty
  3. Problem with PVE equipment helmet

    Hi Whatif, i have Superior Heavy Armor Mastery +5, and have no more skills to learn, so level 5 maybe cant use dark/pve, i dont know....
  4. Problem with PVE equipment helmet

    Sure i did, im using heavy since level 90, im iss 101 i can use heavy set. Im using this heavy helmet +6 since today, when i change it to bloody, i cant use it.
  5. Hi, Today i upgrade my helmet (heavy helmet) to +6 pve, im ISS 101, Hierophant, so after i got a +6 pve helmet (heavy) i cant equip this helmet, a message says that i cant use this: i dont have the required condition to use this item. Some1 knows why? I was using this helmet 1 year, them, i upgrade it to bloody, now i cant use it! very funny, someone knows what is happening? ty advance