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  1. Hi, my ISS is lvl 111, is a support class too, but doing RIM level 110-115 can got A-Grade, maybe ur build is wrong or wrong jewels. I have middle gear and all abilities is configured for defense. I will share printscreen. Middle gear:
  2. Hello, how about hidden secret books? I have 8 and it was not automatically changed to splendor fragments .... No option in dim merchant to exchange them.... Last maintenance u said this will be changed automatically - so what i do with this books now? @Hime? last maintenance: The Hidden Secret Book item will automatically be changed to 2 Splendor Fragments.
  3. I will not see this, cuz i know u got 150 rare book of splendor, sorry for ur loss
  4. ISS Hierophant (Full geared ofc!) iGezebel / Naia
  5. Last 1 year, all store promotions are nerfed, if u spend a lot maybe can win something that will fail when u try to use it, here, the store prices are abusive for a game and u got always nothing. Or people stop to buy ncoins or this will never change and nc staff will continue smiling for the clows that waste for nothing. I think people will continue waste 1k, 5k dollars per month to got nothing. So, time to change to other server or other game, dont u all think so?
  6. Naia is nerfed last 5 months, all events give nothing, just scrolls, and believe me better got this scrolls than grain kain scrools or sayha energy or enchant lvl 4 seed bracelet, cuz all will fail and u will got nothing, we must stop spend on this events or nothing will change, like i always said, we are the clows
  7. Pls call robert irvine from restaurant impossible cuz we have lag impossible to play, why xp event if we cant play, even without vit thats made this event a fail, now we cant xp out of vit mode cuz lag, 4 seconds between skills, no sense, pls fix lag, impossible lag to play
  8. Hello, where i can buy giant freya weapon scroll? Cant find in event npc....
  9. this!, changing to attack type i could wear it. Ty a lot Helmina, i didnt know this, ty, ty, ty
  10. Hi Whatif, i have Superior Heavy Armor Mastery +5, and have no more skills to learn, so level 5 maybe cant use dark/pve, i dont know....
  11. Sure i did, im using heavy since level 90, im iss 101 i can use heavy set. Im using this heavy helmet +6 since today, when i change it to bloody, i cant use it.
  12. Hi, Today i upgrade my helmet (heavy helmet) to +6 pve, im ISS 101, Hierophant, so after i got a +6 pve helmet (heavy) i cant equip this helmet, a message says that i cant use this: i dont have the required condition to use this item. Some1 knows why? I was using this helmet 1 year, them, i upgrade it to bloody, now i cant use it! very funny, someone knows what is happening? ty advance
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