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  1.  Gooood evening , instead of limiting connection per PC like 3 , NCwest decide to abandon half fafurion features like timed zones ... etc . They still not understand they currend Hardware can't support such many bots as we have here. If u search in forum u can find PPL who give detailed instruction how to log 14+ chars on one PC / they have good harware / and perhaps way to pay NCWest for this "limit" of 7 . So queue is for live PPL who wanna play 2-3-4h per day , and not for bot who is online 24/7 . GL guys

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  2.  Think lag affected mostly mele dd's evis, titans .... , for example i play 1.5h today with Wunn and didn't see any lag . Then i switch to evis and enter golden compas , and OMFG lag spike every 5 minutes no single hit 5-6-7 sec ??? , and result is low marks collected and almost die few times . until ppl log 7+ box/bots per PC there will no " server stability "


      OKi boy , another scenario , if u wanna log xxx acc maybe u gona pay atleast a subscription for 3++ is OK now ?  Look Core EU server, 1 acc free and you must pay for second - result NO lag NO bot pty's. I understand is "different" busyness model but ..


  4.  Guys from NCsoft PLZ PLZ PLZ  limit account per PC to 3 like good old days . The lag is starting againe, not like before but still lag spike 30 sec every 5-10 min. I really can't understant player who cry for NOlimit ???? . NCwest become bot server and u knowit and part you suported :(

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  5.  Evi 104 low to mid gear , 2 runs per day / 1hour total time for 2 runs /  > allways same 40+60 or 60+40 think reward is random , no matter if some mobs left when kill final RB  or room clean :)


  6. Just another ncFAIL EVENT made for range and AOE DD's . Filed twice with 104 eviscerator - enchanted shadow fist +15% crit.dmg , roses ... another boost .. artefacts ... +8 armor . PLS guys from NC , next time be more specific like 105+ lvl , +10 bloody armor ... +16 bloody weapon + all kinda top EPICS etc.  Ty