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  1. I would if anyone want it, I've tried before with just ame6 but no one want to trade, this is probably because lv5 gem hold more value than lv6.
  2. Like title said, I have Greater Ame and Obsidian Lv5, Looking for a trade with Obs6+Ame6 Pm here or in-game Zier
  3. Zier

    Good bye MAX!

    Eh? They really are going back??? Wow big fail for them.
  4. @Conguero Red libra will cum after merge? Thanks
  5. GoGo iAthina im you are super!!! U let lowly feoh like me join your daily cp eventhought your pt is like superr OP already thanks for the other day!
  6. Hi As title said i am looking for daily cp, epic etc... I can provide good aoe damage im looking for cp that is active during 5pm - 10pm cdt zone. In-game Zier plz, or Pm here and obviously on Chronos server, Thanks a lot
  7. I like this videos! You are not like some of those who only pick fight with lower gears ppls! Real good fight!
  8. Never!! Because those whom purchased the promo early are the whales whom are supporting 90% of server bill, If Ncwest decided to reduce the price, that will pissed them off, And when that happen when next promo came all those whales will not buy anything until last day......Ncwest will never do that, They will not please majority of the community but whale.
  9. +1 im sure i saw someone did the test before but cant remember.
  10. Well 10 minutes after server open with only 500ppls on they have already sold 30 of those 16000 ncoin packs. So if they can sell all those 1500 packs they will easily make roughly 300k usd.....without any cost just create whatever overpowered in-game and sell for as high as possible. It's a very very good business model where you almost do not have to spend any moneys(Or spend it once when you create the game first time) on R&D and make fortune out of it.
  11. If you make it half the price more ppls on the server can have access to the gears like this and higher quantity can bring you more profit and better sustainability. T_T
  12. Wowww I like your video keep em coming!!!
  13. Thank you for the info, i think i will remain with 5 slotted brooch tho, I cant afford 825 usd for that,
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